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Corcovado Rainforest Extension

Costa Rica

4 Days

From $1,955


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    Beautiful Corcovado National Park protects the best rainforest environment on the Pacific Coast of Central America. Nearly 400 species of birds, about 140 species of mammals, and more than 500 species of trees have been recorded here.

    Arrive: San Jose, Costa Rica

    Depart: San Jose, Costa Rica


    • Hike coastal trails at gorgeous Corcovado National Park
    • Boat to Cano Island to snorkel amid reef fish, rays, and sea turtles


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    From San Jose, fly by charter flight to Palmar Sur (or directly to Drake Bay depending on schedule). On arrival, you are met and transferred to a jetty for a 1- 1.5-hour ride by motor launch to either SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, Aguila de Osa Inn, or La Paloma. Overnight at the lodge...BLD
    Enjoy a guided tour of Corcovado National Park along trails that ascend and descend through verdant rainforest. Costa Rica's largest population of scarlet macaws lives in Corcovado, along with an array of other tropical wildlife. Overnight at SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, Aguila de Osa Inn, or La Paloma...BLD
    Boat to Cano Island for snorkeling amid a colorful spectrum of Pacific Coast reef fish as well as rays and sea turtles. Overnight at SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, Aguila de Osa Inn, or La Paloma...BLD
    Return by motor launch and charter flight to San Jose, then transfer to the hotel or to the airport for departure...B
    A visa is not required for U.S. citizens visting Costa Rica.


    Trip Extensions can be added on to Small Group Adventures or Private Journeys, to lengthen and customize your trip. Prices are per person and not guaranteed until services are confirmed. Contact us for availability, questions, or to book your adventure!

    • Service of local naturalist guides
    • Accommodations in lodge
    • All meals
    • Charter flights to/from Palmar Sur or Drake Bay
    • All ground transportation and baggage handling from arrival until departure
    • All activities as indicated in Detailed Itinerary
    Not Included
    • Travel to and from the arrival and departure location as indicated in Detailed Itinerary
    • Additional hotel nights outside the extension's scheduled dates
    • Optional gratuities to local guides, drivers, or staff
    • Optional travel insurance
    • Other expenses of a personal nature (some alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.)
    • Visa fees
    • Any activities and services described as an upgrade or optional


    Scroll through our signature accommodations for this trip below. Although it is highly unlikely, we may make substitutions when necessary.

    SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge

    Drake Bay, Costa Rica

    Days 1-3 (3 nights)

    SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, tucked away in the trees and cooled by the Pacific, is a 170-acre private reserve bordering Corcovado National Park. There are no roads to the lodge—access is only by a 1.5-hour ride by motor launch. Accommodations is offered in charming bungalows, each one tucked away in...

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    {"trip":{"TripID":10276,"Trip_Code":"CORCOVAD","Trip_Name":"Corcovado Rainforest Extension","TripYear":"2024","BrandName":"Wilderness Travel","BrandID":1,"Trip_Tag_Line":"see custom fields","Start_Location":"San Jose, Costa Rica","End_Location":"San Jose, Costa Rica","Number_Days":4,"Number_Nights":3,"DisplayOnWeb":true,"Book_On_Web":false,"Featured":false,"SpecialEvent":false,"BestSeller":false,"Short_Description":"<p>Beautiful Corcovado National Park protects the best rainforest environment on the Pacific Coast of Central America. Nearly 400 species of birds, about 140 species of mammals, and more than 500 species of trees have been recorded here.<\/p>","Long_Description":"<p><\/p>","ActivityHighlight":"Nature walks, boat tour, snorkeling","TripType":"Extension","HeaderImage":"","HeaderImageAltTag":"","ThumbnailImage":"https:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/thumb-CORCOVAD-corcovado-national-park-drake-bay-tour-costa-rica.jpg","MapImage":"","MapImageAltTag":"","FloatingImage":"","VideoLink":"","GroupSize":"","tripURL":"https:\/\/\/trip\/costa-rica-corcovado-rainforest-tour","ThisYear_Year":"2024","ThisYear_PriceDetails":"<p><strong>Aguila de Osa Inn<br><\/strong>$1,955 per person, double occupancy (Deluxe room)<br>Solo Traveler: $2,510<br>Single supplement: $555<br>Call for December holiday pricing or peak season (rates are quoted separately): December 15, 2024-January 5, 2025<\/p><div><strong>Casa Corcovado<br><\/strong>$1,955 per person, double occupancy (Deluxe Casita)<br>Solo Traveler: $2,265<br>Single supplement: $310<br>Call for December holiday pricing or peak season (rates are quoted separately): December 15, 2024-January 5, 2025<\/div><div><br><strong>La Paloma<br><\/strong>$2,125 per person, double occupancy (Deluxe Ranchos Room)<br>Single supplement: $1,700<br>Solo Traveler Call for pricing<br>Call for December holiday pricing or peak season (rates are quoted separately): December 15, 2024-January 5, 2025<br><\/div><p><\/p>","ThisYear_PriceDetails2":"Prices are not guaranteed until services are confirmed.<p><\/p>","Price":"1955","SingleSupplementPrice1":"0","SingleSupplementPrice2":"0","SingleSupplementPrice1Caption":"","SingleSupplementPrice2Caption":"","AirPrice":"0","AirPriceCaption":"","FeePrice1":"0","FeePrice2":"0","FeePrice3":"0","FeeName1":"","FeeName2":"","FeeName3":"","ShowNextYearsPrice":false,"NextYear_Year":"","NextYear_PriceDetails":"","NextYear_PriceDetails2":"","PriceNextYear":"0","SingleSupplementPrice1NextYear":"0","SingleSupplementPrice2NextYear":"0","NextYearSingleSupplementPrice1Caption":"","NextYearSingleSupplementPrice2Caption":"","NextYearAirPriceCaption":"","AirPriceNextYear":"0","NextYearFeePrice1":"0","NextYearFeePrice2":"0","NextYearFeePrice3":"0","NextYearFeeName1":"","NextYearFeeName2":"","NextYearFeeName3":"","TripSavings":false,"TripSavingsDescription":"<p><\/p>","VariablePricing":false,"PricingNoteTitle":"<p><\/p>","PricingNotes":"<p><\/p>","NewTrip":false,"MinAge":0,"TripRatingID":6,"TripRatingName":"2+","TravelFromDate":"2022-01-01","TravelToDate":"2050-12-31","BookFromDate":"2022-01-01","BookToDate":"2050-12-31","EventID":23,"EventName":"","AccountingGroup":"Latin America","DepositRule":2,"DepositAmt":"600","FinalDays":90,"AutoConfirm":false,"AutoConfirmAmount":"0","PrivateAvailable":true,"OperationMonths":"","AccmRating":"","TripStatus":"Active"},"itinerary":[{"DayFrom":1,"DayTo":1,"Headline":"San Jose \/ Drake Bay \/ Corcovado National Park","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>From San Jose, fly by charter flight to Palmar Sur (or directly to Drake Bay depending on schedule). On arrival, you are met and transferred to a jetty for a 1- 1.5-hour ride by motor launch to either SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, Aguila de Osa Inn, or La Paloma. Overnight at the lodge...BLD<\/body>","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true},{"DayFrom":2,"DayTo":2,"Headline":"Corcovado National Park","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>Enjoy a guided tour of Corcovado National Park along trails that ascend and descend through verdant rainforest. Costa Rica's largest population of scarlet macaws lives in Corcovado, along with an array of other tropical wildlife. Overnight at SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, Aguila de Osa Inn, or La Paloma...BLD<\/body>","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true},{"DayFrom":3,"DayTo":3,"Headline":"Cano Island Snorkeling Adventure","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>Boat to Cano Island for snorkeling amid a colorful spectrum of Pacific Coast reef fish as well as rays and sea turtles. Overnight at SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, Aguila de Osa Inn, or La Paloma...BLD<\/body>","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true},{"DayFrom":4,"DayTo":4,"Headline":"To San Jose","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>Return by motor launch and charter flight to San Jose, then transfer to the hotel or to the airport for departure...B<\/body>","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true}],"itinpdf":[{}],"whattoexpect":[{}],"highlights":[{"DisplayOrder":1,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Hike coastal trails at gorgeous Corcovado National Park","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":30214,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":2,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Boat to Cano Island to snorkel amid reef fish, rays, and sea turtles","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":30214,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":10,"HighlightText":"","Description":"10-CORCOVAD-corcovado-national-park-drake-bay-tour-costa-rica.jpg","Image":"https:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/10-CORCOVAD-corcovado-national-park-drake-bay-tour-costa-rica.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":18260,"caption":""}],"weather":[{}],"accommodations":[{"VendorID":71233,"Day_Number":1,"Sequence":11,"Duration":3,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"Aguila de Osa","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"aguila-de-osa-inn","Custom_Location":"Drake Bay"}},{"VendorID":71234,"Day_Number":1,"Sequence":10,"Duration":3,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"scp-corcovado-wilderness-lodge","Custom_Location":"Drake Bay"}},{"VendorID":73156,"Day_Number":1,"Sequence":11,"Duration":3,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"La Paloma Lodge","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"la-paloma-lodge","Custom_Location":"Drake Bay"}}],"inclusions":[{"DisplaySequence":1,"Type":"E","Description":"Travel to and from the arrival and departure location as indicated in Detailed Itinerary","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":2,"Type":"E","Description":"Additional hotel nights outside the extension's scheduled dates","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":3,"Type":"E","Description":"Optional gratuities to local guides, drivers, or staff","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":4,"Type":"E","Description":"Optional travel insurance","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":5,"Type":"E","Description":"Other expenses of a personal nature (some alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.)","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":6,"Type":"E","Description":"Visa fees","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":7,"Type":"E","Description":"Any activities and services described as an upgrade or optional","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":1,"Type":"I","Description":"Service of local naturalist guides","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":2,"Type":"I","Description":"Accommodations in lodge","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":3,"Type":"I","Description":"All meals","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":4,"Type":"I","Description":"Charter flights to\/from Palmar Sur or Drake Bay","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":5,"Type":"I","Description":"All ground transportation and baggage handling from arrival until departure","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":6,"Type":"I","Description":"All activities as indicated in Detailed Itinerary","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""}],"destinations":[{"DestinationID":236,"Name":"Central America"},{"DestinationID":67,"Name":"Costa Rica","Type":"Country"},{"DestinationID":48,"Name":"Latin America","Type":"Region"}],"activities":[{"ActivityID":221,"Name":"Wildlife & Natural History","Primary":0}],"guides":[{}],"guestreviews":[{}],"Extensions":[{"TripID":10276,"ExtensionTripID":10299,"Trip_Code":"COSTARIC","Trip_Name":"Costa Rica Wildlife"},{"TripID":10276,"ExtensionTripID":10232,"Trip_Code":"PJCOSTA","Trip_Name":"Costa Rica Private Journey"}],"SimilarTrips":[{}],"Specialists":[{}],"TripSegments":[{"VendorID":73320,"ProductID":83466,"SelectType":"Optional","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Vendor Ops Payment","Vendor":"Costa Rica Expeditions","Address1":"Avenida 3 & between Calles 25 & 29D","Address2":"","City":"San Jose","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Corcovado Rainforest Extension","Day":1,"Sequence":0,"Duration":3,"PropertyDescription":"","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":11,"ProductID":54,"SelectType":"Optional","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Single Supplement","Vendor":"Wilderness Travel","Address1":"1102 Ninth Street","Address2":"","City":"Berkeley","State":"CA","Postal":"94710","Product":"Single Supplement","Day":1,"Sequence":2,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"","ItinBlock":"<p><\/p>","VendorPhoto":"","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":71234,"ProductID":81062,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Drake Bay","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":1,"Sequence":10,"Duration":3,"PropertyDescription":"SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge, tucked away in the trees and cooled by the Pacific, is a 170-acre private reserve bordering Corcovado National Park. There are no roads to the lodge&mdash;access is only by a 1.5-hour ride by motor launch. Accommodations is offered in charming bungalows, each one tucked away in its own private garden. The bungalows are simple, offering a queen bed with mosquito netting, ceiling fans, table with chairs, closet space, wood-beamed ceilings, shutters handmade by Costa Rican artisans, private bathroom, 24-hour electricity, and an outdoor hammock. The lodge&#39;s open-air bar is surrounded by fruit trees, which draws birds, monkeys, and other animals, there is a small swimming pool for relaxing. Simple meals are served in the restaurant using fresh ingredients.","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"https:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/scp-corcovado-wilderness-lodge-01.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":71233,"ProductID":81061,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"Aguila de Osa","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Drake Bay","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":1,"Sequence":11,"Duration":3,"PropertyDescription":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>The Aguila de Osa is set on a high bluff overlooking the Aguitas River with panoramic views of Drake Bay, just outside Corcovado National Park. There are no roads to the inn&mdash;access is only via a 1-hour ride by motor launch. The inn's 11 rooms and 2 suites are open and spacious, with screened windows to ensure a tropical breeze. They feature large Italian-tiled bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, ceiling fans, and 24-hour electricity. A lighted, paved trail connects the rooms with the inn's restaurant and reception area. The open-air restaurant serves family-style meals, including fresh seafood from the lodge's boats. The Aguila de Osa is the best choice for more active travelers because the rooms are arranged on a steep hillside and there is some steep walking to get between the rooms and the restaurant.<\/body>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"https:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-aguila-de-osa-room-exterior.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":73156,"ProductID":82984,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"La Paloma Lodge","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Drake Bay","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":1,"Sequence":11,"Duration":3,"PropertyDescription":"<p>Perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, La Paloma Lodge is tucked away in a lush jungle environment and offers wonderful views of Drake Bay (and stunning sunsets, too). Guest rooms are spacious and quiet, with decks overlooking the jungle and beaches&mdash;you might see monkeys and toucans playing in the nearby trees, and even dolphins in the ocean right from your deck! Accommodations range from one bedroom\/one bath chalets to deluxe &#8220;ranchos&#8221; accommodating up to 6 people. Meals are delicious and beautifully presented, and the staff is wonderfully welcoming.<\/p>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"https:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/1-la-paloma-clubhouse-exterior-costa-rica.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false}],"CustomFields":{"Custom_TC_Detailed_Itin_URL":"","Custom_Trip_Name_Addendum":"","Custom_Welcome_Letter_Addendum":"","Custom_Trip_Level_5":"","Custom_Welcome_Email_Send_List":"","Custom_FI_Optional_Donation_Text":"","Custom_Final_Docs_Letter_Send_List":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Trip_Sales_Points":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_TP_Trip_Sales_Points":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Payment_Terms":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Region":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Region_Sales_Points":"","Custom_Emergency_Evac_Insurance":"","Custom_Valid_Passport_Alternative":"","Custom_Visa":"","Custom_FB_Before_You_Go_-_MISC_1":"","Custom_FB_Before_You_Go_-_MISC_2":"","Custom_Luggage_Requirements":"","Custom_Carry-On":"","Custom_Hiking_Poles":"","Custom_Daypack":"","Custom_Vaccination_Card":"","Custom_FB_Packing_Reminders_-_MISC_1":"","Custom_FB_Additional_Notes_-_MISC_1":"","Custom_FB_Additional_Notes_-_MISC_2":"","Custom_Arrival":"","Custom_Arrival-_Meeting_Place":"","Custom_Arrival_Transfer":"","Custom_Departure":"","Custom_Extra_Services":"","Custom_Contact_Information_for_Friends_and_Family":"","Custom_Outfitter_Contacts_Left":"","Custom_Outfitter_Contacts_Right":"","Custom_name_slug":"costa-rica-corcovado-rainforest-tour","Custom_Meta_Description":"Explore beautiful Corcovado National Park, one of the most pristine rainforest environments on the Pacific Coast of Central America, that shelters a wealth of flora and fauna species.","Custom_List_Description":"Explore beautiful Corcovado National Park, one of the most pristine rainforest environments on the Pacific Coast of Central America, that shelters a wealth of flora and fauna species.","Custom_Redirect":"","Custom_PJ_-_Best_Months":"","Custom_After_Dates":"","Custom_Trip_Web_Note":"","Custom_Title_Tag":"Corcovado Rainforest Extension | Wilderness Travel","Custom_Before_Days":"","Custom_After_Days_Header_1":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>Visa Requirements<\/body>","Custom_After_Days_Text_1":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body>A visa is not required for U.S. citizens visting Costa Rica.<\/body>","Custom_After_Days_Header_2":"","Custom_After_Days_Text_2":"","Custom_Choosing_Right_Trip_Office_Contact":"","Custom_About_WT_Expeditions":"","Custom_Arrival_-_Sales":"","Custom_Departure_-_Sales":"","Custom_International_Air_Travel":"","Custom_Extra_Hotel_Nights":"","Custom_Recommended_Hotels":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Header_1":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Text_1":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Header_2":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Text_2":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_1":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_1":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_2":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_2":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_3":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_3":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_4":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_4":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_5":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_5":"","Custom_file_name":"","Custom_Passport":"","Custom_Visas_and_Entry_Notes":"","Custom_Money":"","Custom_Tipping":"","Custom_Food":"","Custom_Communications":"","Custom_Electricity":"","Custom_Laundry":"","Custom_Ship_Notes":"","Custom_Inoculations":"","Custom_International_Health":"","Custom_Malaria_Prevention":"","Custom_Staying_Healthy":"","Custom_Getting_In_Shape":"","Custom_Medical_Care":"","Custom_Altitude_Considerations":"","Custom_Reading_List":"","Custom_Photography":"","Custom_Cultural_Considerations":"","Custom_Giving_Back":"","Custom_Enviromental_Concerns":"","Custom_Shopping_and_Souvenirs":"","Custom_Seasickness":"","Custom_Explore":"","Custom_Additional_Information":"","Custom_Essentials":"","Custom_Luggage":"","Custom_Clothing":"","Custom_Hiking_Boots":"","Custom_Equipment":"","Custom_Personal_First_Aid":"","Custom_Optional_Items":"","Custom_Prohibited_Items":"","Custom_When_to_Go":"","Custom_Children":"","Custom_Tag_Line":"Nature Hikes, Wilderness Beaches, and Forest Trails","Custom_Lodging":"3 nights lodge","Custom_Meals":"Meals as indicated (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)","Custom_Difficulty":"Nature walks, boat tour, snorkeling","Custom_Currency_Exchange_Rate":"","Custom_Fuel_Surcharge":"","Custom_Signing_Up_For_a_Trip_-_Email":"","Custom_Optional_Hotel_Upgrades_-_This_Year":"","Custom_Optional_Hotel_Upgrades_-_Next_Year":"","Custom_Trip_Cost_Misc_Header":"","Custom_Trip_Cost_Misc_Text":"","Custom_What_the_Trip_is_Like":"","Custom_Terrain":"","Custom_Getting_in_Shape":"","Custom_Weather":"","Custom_Accommodations":"","Custom_Cuisine":"","Custom_Transportation":"","Custom_What_the_Trip_is_Like_-_Header_1":"","Custom_What_the_Trip_is_Like_-_Text_1":"","Custom_What_the_Trip_is_Like_-_Header_2":"","Custom_What_the_Trip_is_Like_-_Text_2":"","Custom_Trip_Level_Note_1":"","Custom_Trip_Level_Note_2":"","System_Choosing_the_Right_Trip":"<p>Adventure travel often involves exotic destinations, unusual levels of physical exertion, or activities you may not have participated in previously. We work hard to help you choose the right trip for you, paying attention to your individual interests, abilities, and needs. If you have questions about the level of comfort or any of the activities described in this itinerary, please call Wilderness Travel at 1-800-368-2794 or email us at <a href=\"mailto:\/\/\"><\/a>.<\/p>","System_References":"<p>We&rsquo;d be happy to put you in touch with a past client that has traveled with us on this trip.<\/p>","System_Visit_Our_Website":"<p>At <a href=\"https:\/\/\/\"><\/a>, you can book your trip online or find out about added departures, last-minute deals, and one-time Limited Edition adventures that aren&rsquo;t listed in our catalog. You can also access our complete library of detailed itineraries filled with enticing photos and videos, read bios of our Trip Leaders, find descriptions of trip accommodations, and check real-time availability of any trips that interest you.<\/p>","System_Helpful_Links":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-01-27T07:52:03 --><p>Wilderness Travel has compiled a list of useful websites for travelers. Find the Toucan Club tab on the home page of our website and choose Helpful Links: <a href=\"http:\/\/\/ toucan\/links\">\/ toucan\/links<\/a>.<\/p>","System_About_New_Trips":"This is a new adventure and one that we are particularly excited about offering. However, as with all new departures, flexibility and a spirit of adventure are always appreciated! Activities are described in the itinerary but they can vary, sometimes considerably, depending on weather conditions, the group, and other factors.","System_About_Private_Journeys":"<p>Wilderness Travel Private Journeys are designed for people who want to travel with their own small private group, but who still want to experience the same superb itinerary design, great accommodations, and signature quality of Wilderness Travel's escorted group trips. These Private Journeys allow you to choose your own dates and your traveling companions&mdash;and enjoy the WT touch on all aspects of the journey.<\/p>","System_Limited_Edition_Adventures":"This is a Limited Edition adventure&mdash;which means a unique trip we've never run before or offer only every few years. Led by our most experienced Trip Leaders, these journeys often take place in remote destinations with only the most basic infrastructure for tourism. If you see a Limited Edition trip scheduled for this year, now is the time to sign up, as spaces fill very early and the trip may not be back for a while! Planned daily activities and actual timings may vary due to local conditions or the discretion of your Trip Leader&mdash;it is important to bring your spirit of adventure for these special exploratory journeys!","System_Social_Media":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-03-29T11:33:43 --><p><strong>SOCIAL MEDIA:<\/strong> We invite you to share your adventure with us on social media. Tag @wildernesstravel and we may even feature your content on our pages!<\/p>","System_If_You_Miss_Your_Flight":"<p><strong>IF YOU MISS YOUR FLIGHT<\/strong><br>If you miss your flight or are otherwise delayed, contact our Wilderness Travel office, as well as our local partners, with your new flight information. Refer to the Emergency Contact Information listed in this Final Bulletin.<\/p>","System_Valid_Passport":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-06-16T10:26:21 --><p><strong>VALID PASSPORT:<\/strong> Check that your passport is valid for at least six months from the last day of your trip, and that you have at least two blank pages for any necessary visa or entry and exit stamps.<\/p>","System_Insurance_Policy":"<p><strong>INSURANCE POLICY:<\/strong> If you have purchased the Travelex Travel Protection Plan, you should have received an email confirmation of your policy. Please bring a digital or printed copy of this policy with you. If you cannot find your email confirmation, please contact Travelex's Customer Solutions team at 844-877-1885 or e-mail If you have not purchased Travelex insurance already, you have the option to do so up to 24 hours prior to your departure.<\/p>","System_Covid-19_Travel_Requirements":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-04-19T13:27:44 --><p><strong>COVID-19 TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:<\/strong> Please double-check COVID-19 entry requirements for any countries you may be traveling to or transiting through, on this website: <a href=\"\/travel-restrictions\">\/travel-restrictions<\/a><\/p>","System_Pre-Trip_Safety":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-03-29T11:37:06 --><p><strong>PRE-TRIP SAFETY:<\/strong> In the next weeks, we encourage you to do everything possible to stay healthy. Please practice social distancing, steer clear of potential COVID-19 exposure, and take an at-home antigen or lab based PCR test before you depart.<\/p>","System_Wilderness_Travel_Office":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-03-29T11:38:07 --><p>Our office in Berkeley, California can be reached at 510-558-2488, or by email at We are available during regular business hours (M-F, 8:30 am-5:00 pm, PST). <\/p>","System_ECI_Travel_Insurance":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-03-29T11:38:31 --><p>If you have purchased the Travelex Travel Protection Plan through Wilderness Travel, please remember to bring your Confirmation of Coverages (COC) with you on the trip, including your Plan Number and important emergency contact information.<\/p><p>If you've purchased a travel protection plan on your own, we recommend that you bring a copy of your policy, including all coverages, with you on your trip.<\/p>","System_Face_Masks_and_Hand_Sanitizer":"","System_DidNotPurchase_Insurance":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-02-28T12:27:44 --><p>Travel Insurance: We recommend that you purchase travel insurance for this trip. For your convenience, we offer Travelex travel protection. Please let us know if you would like us to add the Travelex Travel Protection Plan to this final invoice. You can learn more about the policy on our <a href=\"https:\/\/\/toucan\/travel-insurance\">website<\/a>.<\/p>","System_Purchased_Insurance":"Please remember to bring a copy of your Travelex Confirmation of Coverage and State Specific Policy with you on your trip. You should have received an email directly from Travelex with these documents. If you need this email to be re-sent, please contact Travelex's Customer Solutions team at 844-877-1885 or e-mail <br><br><br>","System_Photography":"<strong>Camera Recommendations<\/strong><br>With the many advances in digital technology, a simple compact digital camera or even your smartphone is capable of taking pictures suitable for the needs of most people. For higher quality images and the ability to use long lenses for closer wildlife pictures, a DSLR camera is well worthwhile, though heavier. Most digital cameras and phones have good video options, but you may want to consider a GoPro for a lightweight, waterproof option. Always practice ahead of time with new equipment and bring your manual with you. You may want to consider renting camera equipment for your trip from places such as <a href=\"https:\/\/\/\"><\/a>. This is an especially good idea for renting large zoom lenses that you may need for just one trip. Adding their extra insurance fee to cover expensive equipment is recommended. <br><strong><br>Camera Accessories<\/strong><br>We recommend bringing at least two large capacity memory cards or a small digital storage unit (or tablet) to back up your photos, freeing space on your memory cards. Don't forget to bring a battery charger and a backup battery so one is always charged and ready to use. For trips where you may be away from power sources for multiple days, consider looking into a solar-powered battery charger or buying additional backup batteries, and check that you have the appropriate adapter for the electrical outlets in your destination.<br><strong><br>Sharing Your Images<\/strong><br>We would love for you to share photos from your trip, and with your permission, may even use your photos in our marketing materials or on our photo blog. We request that you send us a small sample of your best images. Please email your photos to or tag us @WildernessTravel on social media.<br><strong><br>Photography Etiquette<\/strong><br>When taking pictures of local people, be aware of cultural considerations. Approaching people with a warm smile and using polite gestures or simple phrases to ask permission to photograph them usually works well. It is always recommended to engage people in conversation before asking to photograph them, but if people do not wish to have their photo taken, please honor their requests. We urge travelers to avoid giving money in exchange for photo opportunities, which makes it harder for future travelers to have a meaningful personal interaction with local people. Please always heed your Trip Leader's guidelines for what is appropriate. ","System_Gear_Store":"To help you prepare for your next WT adventure, we've put together a great collection of top brands including Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Eagle Creek, and more at our WT Gear Store (<a href=\"https:\/\/\/\"><\/a>).","System_Questions?":"<p>Our Area Specialists are your single point of contact and would be happy to answer any questions about your trip!<br>800.368.2794 | 510.558.2488<\/p>","System_Travel_Insurance":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-01-27T07:58:05 --><p>We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance. You can take advantage of a comprehensive Travel Protection Plan designed for Wilderness Travel by Travelex, or purchase other insurance on your own. See our website for details: <a href=\"http:\/\/\/insurance\">\/insurance<\/a><\/p>","System_Make_it_Your_Trip":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-03-29T11:44:18 --><p>The prices above are for the ready-to-book adventure outlined in this Detailed Itinerary, a popular option that has been handcrafted by our Area Specialists to include the best of every destination. While many travelers choose to book this tour as is, our Area Specialists are also happy to work with you to customize this Private Journey to suit your specific interests and style of travel. We can arrange for longer or shorter stays, offer hotel upgrades (see below for sample costs), or add an extension to additional places of interest. We can even add special activities or customize excursions depending on your interests. We invite you to contact us to discuss your options!<\/p>","System_Signing_up_for_a_Trip":"<!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2023-03-29T11:44:42 --><p>Early reservations are recommended since accommodations often sell out far in advance. Please call 1-800-368-2794 and ask for our [Africa Manager] or email us at [africa@] with any questions that you may have about this trip. To reserve your Private Journey, we will need to know your preferred dates of travel. We will then check availability and send you a proposed itinerary with exact pricing for your adventure. We can typically hold a provisional booking for one week. At that time, we must collect your initial deposit or accommodations will be released. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a Welcome Packet that includes a letter of confirmation, Detailed Itinerary, Trip Application, Medical Form, and Pre-Departure Information Booklet with information to help you prepare for your adventure. Please see our Cancellations and Transfer Fee Schedule for specific payment information.<\/p>","System_Trip_Leaders":"<p>Wilderness Travel Trip Leaders have a passion and a joy for creating an unforgettable journey. We are extremely proud of them and the incredible travel experiences they make possible. For more information, including client comments about them and which specific trips they will be leading, please visit <a href=\"https:\/\/\/leaders\/\">\/leaders<\/a>.<\/p>"},"terms":{"PaymentSchedule":"<meta charset=\"utf-8\"\/><body><p>$600 due at time of reservation <br \/>90 days prior to departure: Balance<\/p><\/body>","CancelSchedule":"<p>Up to 91 days prior to departure: No Charge!<br>61-90 days prior to departure: 25% of trip cost<br>46-60 days prior to departure: 50% of trip cost<br>45 days or less: 100% of trip cost<br><\/p>"}}