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Enjoy early booking discounts on select cruises to Antarctica! Save $1000-$3000 per person on select 20-day Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands Islands departures.

Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands

Penguin Colonies, Icebergs, and Legends of Shackleton

What Makes Our Antarctica Trips Special?

  • With over 30 years of experience in Antarctica, we know the continent intimately and have selected the best designed itineraries that combine adventure, style and safety.
  • Small ships provide a wonderful advantage, letting you anchor closer to shore and allowing more time to explore on land—larger vessels are far less maneuverable, and because of regulations in Antarctica must have their passengers wait in shifts to make landfall.
  • A stellar team of on-board experts accompanies you on twice-daily landings and provides fascinating presentations on their fields of expertise, from marine biology to Antarctic history.
  • Each of the ships we’ve chosen have ice-strengthened hulls and advanced stabilization systems—and all adhere to the IAATO’s strict environmental guidelines designed to preserve Antarctica’s unique environment.
  • The majority of the itineraries we’ve selected are aboard all-suite luxury expedition ships with ocean-view staterooms, and abundant public space for relaxing. A few adventure expedition ships are also featured which offer fascinating options to camp, ski, kayak and even scuba in Antarctica.
Choose from a Variety of Ships
We offer several exciting voyages to Antarctica aboard a variety of ships. This is the general information for Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands. To see the exact itinerary for each ship, click on the ship links within our Dates & Prices page.


Experience all three epic destinations of the Southern Ocean on one amazing voyage: the remote Falklands, breathtaking South Georgia Island, with its stately king penguins by the thousands, and the celebrated Antarctic Peninsula, a dream world of massive icebergs and mountains rising straight from the sea. Explore by Zodiac amid sculpted bergs, hike among chattering penguins and elephant seals, look for whales and albatrosses, and learn from expert naturalists who illuminate the wonder of the Antarctic for you. If you have the time, this 20-day cruise is the one to take—South Georgia Island is not to be missed!


Days 1-7
Ushuaia, Argentina / Falkland Islands

After an overnight in historic Ushuaia, voyage out to the Falklands, where you’ll see Magellanic penguins, nesting gentoo penguins in their burrows, and dashing rockhopper penguins, with their cliff colonies and devil-may-care surf landings. You’ll also visit Port Stanley, the quaint British capital of the Falklands. On Days 6 and 7 at sea, watch for whales and albatrosses as you cross the Antarctic Convergence toward South Georgia.

Days 8-11
South Georgia Island

Rearing 10,000 feet out of the sea, supremely isolated South Georgia is one of the most spectacular islands in the world—it’s the show-stopper that sets this cruise apart! You’ll experience a phenomenal concentration of subantarctic wildlife here, with landings that include Salisbury Plain, with its thousands of king penguins, and the historic whaling station of Grytviken, where fabled explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried.

Days 12-20
Scotia Sea / South Shetland Islands / Antarctic Peninsula

Cross to the Antarctic Peninsula, with its ice-covered mountains. Visits may include Paulet Island, with its stunning tabular icebergs, Deception Island, a sea-filled volcanic crater, and awe-inspiring Lemaire Channel, a great place to spot whales. You’ll walk amid teeming penguin colonies, visit a research station, explore by Zodiac, and perhaps take a bracing dip in the hot springs at Deception Island. Return to Ushuaia via the Drake Passage and depart on Day 20.



Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, and the Falklands—all on one fantastic journey!
Epic wildlife experiences including South Georgia’s thousands of king penguins
Expert Antarctic naturalists and historians enrich your experience
Sea kayaking options on most departures


Activity: Wildlife & Natural History, Small Ship Cruising
Trip Level:

Expedition cruise, nature walks on uneven ground, sea kayaking options, Zodiac
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