Sherpa Lodges, Khumbu

Khumbu, Nepal

Rustic but comfortable lodges owned and operated by Sherpa families have been built throughout the Khumbu region. The lodges we have selected for this trip offer a big step up in comfort from camping. They are a wonderful way to experience local hospitality and gain an insight into the lives of the Nepalese people. Each night, you’ll have a private room but only some of the lodges feature private bathrooms. Others have common bathrooms shared with other guests. These will have basic toilet and washing facilities. Several have only squat-style toilets, and hot water may not be available at every lodge. We provide you with good quality sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and liners for extra comfort at all of the lodges. We also bring our own private cooking staff with us so all our meals will be prepared for us by our own Wilderness Travel trained cooks.

Our Trips using this Lodging

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