Mustang Lodges


The style and character of our lodges in Mustang vary from high-altitude inn to basic mountain hostel. Though amenities can be fairly minimal, hospitality is always a key element and guests are warmly welcomed. The beauty of the lodges is, of course, the dramatic scenery, the exotically remote locations, and the fact that we eliminate the need for camping—nights are cold at these high altitudes! Some lodges have shared guest rooms and bath facilities, while others have private rooms and private bathrooms. There will be basic toilet and washing facilities, some with western-style toilets and some with squat-style toilets, and hot water for bathing will be available from time to time. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, with the rooms that have private baths going first (it’s worth it to sign up early!). We provide you with warm sleeping bags with liners, and our crew will be equipped with camping gear should the need arise. Our renowned Wilderness Travel cooking crew will join us, so your meals will be wonderfully varied, with a mix of western and Nepali food, keeping you healthy and well fueled for your hikes, as well as hydrated with plenty of clean, boiled water.

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