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Vicky Sotriffer

Vicky Sotriffer thrives in new places as an adventure-seeking traveler and Trip Leader. She has led trips on nearly every continent for more than 10 years, including safari hikes, city tours, and sea kayaking trips. Originally from South Tyrol, Italy, Vicky now resides in Ibiza, Spain, is fluent in a handful of languages, and in her free time enjoys photography, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, surfing, and fencing.

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Client Testimonials

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! Vicky’s knowledge of the culture and history of the area was incredible. Her expertise as a hiking guide leader were also excellent! She was lots of fun and her attention to detail ensured everyone was always taken care of.
— Amera T., Delta, BC
Ultimate Dolomites
Energetic, jun to be around, action oriented, positive, proactive, organized, and interesting, Vicky knows South Tyrol, its people and its culture. She was an amazing addition to the guiding team.
— Doug P., Vancouver, BC
Ultimate Dolomites
Vicky was exceptionally organized, educated, and enthusiastic. She was a joy on the trip because of her genuine excitement to share what she knew about the mountains, history, and culture of the area. It made the experience even more fun and enlightening.
— Noah T., Chicago, IL
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Vicky was delightful—very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring, kind, and especially skilled in dealing with challenges. I would definitely travel with her again!
— Brian C., Mill Valley, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
Vicky is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm that is quite contagious to the group members. She’s very knowledgeable, a great encourager, and strives to meet everyone’s needs beyond what would be expected. 
— Pam M., Louisville, KY
Bergamo to Innsbruck
Vicky is a great guide—energetic, effervescent, smart, and funny. She was attentive to the needs of everyone on the trip, and liked by everyone. She is an asset to any trip.
— Tom L., Scottsdale, AZ
Tour du Mont Blanc
Vicki is a uniquely personable individual. She took time to get to know each member of our group and really made us feel welcome. She was always looking for ways to help anyone who needed anything. She was an absolute delight the whole trip.
— Stephen L., Salt Lake City, UT
Norway's Fjord Country
Vicky was a very delightful person to have on the trip. She was very responsive to all the clients' needs. Whenever she was asked, she was always eager to find out information about an area or something we were seeing. Definitely would travel with Vicky again!
— Edlyn M., Fort Collins, CO
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Vicky was amazing. Her kindness made the trip so wonderful; she was a joy to travel and hike with! The pace she set was perfect, and made the hikes such a joy. I especially appreciated how she made mine and my brother's birthdays so special. She also kindly extended a day of hiking for me and a few others one afternoon when the optional later hike was unavailable because those trails were closed due to landslides. Rather than simply retracing our steps from the morning (which had been my own suggestion) she took us on another route that gave us amazing panorama views of the valley below. It was my favorite hike of the trip!
— Kate D., Tallahassee, FL
Bergamo to Innsbruck
Vicky is an excellent guide. She is well organized, adaptable, can relate to all people, and is just a nice person.
— James C., Los Gatos, CA
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Vicky was a great leader, lots of fun and so responsive. She is full of energy, extremely personable, and ensured we all had a good time.
— Maureen B., Suffern, NY
Norway's Fjord Country
It was a joy to travel through the Dolomites with Vicky. Her excitement at showing us her home terrain was contagious and a definite plus to the trip.
— Susie W., Poulsbo, WA
Ultimate Dolomites
Such a sweetheart—but knowledgeable, energetic, and a favorite everywhere we went.
— Jeanne R., Denver, CO
Great Hikes and Chefs of Northern Italy's Gourmet Trail
Vicky was a delight—juggled the niggling details well and made everyone feel well cared for. A personable representative for Wilderness Travel.
— Carol M., Lafayette, CA
Hiking in Sicily
Vickey's enthusiasm and caring nature were a real asset!
— Tom A., Saint Simons Island, GA
Ultimate Dolomites
A wonderful asset, a lovely human being, a most professional young woman. She does you proud!
— Harriet M., Santa Barbara, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
Vicky was a joy to hike with. She was very enthusiastic and cheerful, and had great knowledge of the area as she was raised there.
— Eric D., Danville, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
VIcky is one of the BEST guides I have ever had at Wilderness (and I have been on many trips.) I cannot say enough good things about her. She is so helpful, genuine, energetic, caring, and supportive. AND fun!
— Katie B., Lee Vining, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
Vicky is an enthusiastic, talented individual. She was a huge plus and made the trip most enjoyable. I felt she offered information about the area and was always available for questions. I would enthusiastically go on any trip she was leading. She is a gem!
— Carrie H., Santa Fe, NM
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Vicky is extremely personable. I loved her enthusiasm and joy of the mountains that she shared with us.
— Lana B., Houston, TX
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Vicky was a true joy to be with. Her high energy and enthusiasm made every part of the trip memorable. She was very helpful in sharing her knowledge at every step of the way. We will be sure to keep an eye out for trips that she will be a part of.
— John N., Salt Lake City, UT
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Couldn't have been better. Sincere and sweet! Being from the area and being fully conversant was helpful.
— Bruce B., Pawtucket, RI
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Since Vicky was from the area, the stories she could share really added a lot to the trip. Warm, friendly, and very caring. She was first rate.
— Steve K., Mechanicsburg, PA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Vicky is amazing! Filled with energy, light, and wisdom! She was always available and helpful. She shines like a bright star!
— Linda W., Las Vegas, NV
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites