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Jiri Rohel

Jiri Rohel has been a guide since 2011. Based in the Czech Republic, he earned a Master’s degree in English and music, spent a month trekking the Annapurna range, and has climbed to the summits of Mont Blanc, Mt. Elbrus in Russia, and the highest peak in the Austrian Alps. When not leading trips, Jiri enjoys playing music—he is a talented clarinetist—and loves being outside hiking, climbing, trekking, cycling, and skiing.

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Client Testimonials

Jiri's enthusiasm for what he was doing and his knowledge of everyday life now and in the past was very helpful to my understanding. I loved how he cared about and related to each participant. His welcome smile and helpful nature was a big plus all week.
— Sonya M., Cary, NC
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Jiri brought great local knowledge of the Czech Republic that was better than any guidebook!
— Chris R., Denver, CO
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Jiri's language lessons were fun and helpful, especially after the trip in Prague. His willingness to share his experience growing up in a communist Czechoslovakia and the transition to life in today's Czech Republic added another dimension to our trip. His musical talents were also a wonderful addition to our group's experience.
— Kathleen C., Minneapolis, MN
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Jiri was a great addition to the trip! He kept us on our toes with fun, light-hearted Czech lessons and daily surprises including a performance of traditional folk music by his band!
— Liz K., Madison, WI
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Jiri's enthusiasm, sense of humor, and commitment to the trip and all its participants place him in the front rank of all tour guides.
— Eric F., Urbana, IL
Czech Castles and Country Walks
Jiri was excellent. In particular, I loved his sense of humor.
— Barbara H., Washington, DC
Czech Castles and Country Walks