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Rob Noonan

Rob Noonan came by his love of nature and the mountains early, adventuring throughout most of the Americas and later earning a degree in environmental studies from Prescott College in Arizona. He began guiding our Patagonia hiking journeys in 1994, and his love of the mountains led him eventually to lead for us in the spectacular realm of the European Alps and in the surreal northern landscapes of Iceland and Greenland. Rob brings a lot to a journey, with his boundless energy and depth of knowledge. He has a keen interest in natural history (he's a self-confessed "bird nerd"), and he enjoys comparing the ecology and geology of the incredibly diverse landscapes that he guides in. His personal connections also open many doors along the way, which adds to the fun of any trip Rob leads. "I love the cultural aspects of having friends all over the world, and it is a true joy in my life to lead adventures in lands I love and respect so passionately." A true global citizen, Rob spends his winters guiding in Argentina and Chile, guides our Europe trips in the summer, and is our "northern ambassador" to Iceland and Greenland! When he’s not leading trips for us, Rob lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he enjoys hiking and river rafting.

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Rob was a wonderful leader. He was knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of the trip and obviously knew the staffs of the hotels and the local guides we encountered. He imparted his impressive knowledge of the history, flora and fauna, and geology of the areas we visited and was extremely pleasant.
— Charles W., Lenox, MA
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Rob was a superb trip leader. We benefitted tremendously from his personal connections in all of the areas we visited, and from his experience hiking the trails and cultural/language fluency.
— Anna H., Corvallis, OR
In Patagonia
Had an amazing time and saw some incredible places, all under the guidance of Rob. Love his professionalism and his sense of humor. He is truly a magician when it comes time to making things happen.
— Sandy M., Prescott, AZ
Patagonia's Wild North
What can I say?! Rob is an institution. His energy, enthusiasm, and love of the outdoors permeates every aspect of the trips he leads. It is infectious and tends to draw in the members of his trips, creating enthusiasm within the group—a wonderful quality in a guide.
— Malcolm S., Corona, CA
Hiking Eastern Greenland and Iceland's Westfjords
Rob was great—very knowledgeable, friendly, and concerned about everyone on the trip. We coudln’t have had a better guide.
— Susan O., Englewood, FL
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Rob is the best guide I have ever traveled with. To begin, he clearly LOVES this area, especially the Fitzroy area, and his enthusiasm and love are so overwhelming they are contagious.
— Priscilla W., Mason, MI
In Patagonia
All I can say is wow! This trip exceeded my expectations and to do it with Rob, who was an amazing whirlwind of knowledge, humor, and enthusiasm, made it that much better.
— Sandy M., Prescott, AZ
In Patagonia
One of the best WT leaders that I have had the pleasure of traveling with. Rob helped the group mesh and become very compatible. He has a great sense of humor and was able to make the trip fun and enjoyable for all of us.
— Joanne G., Denver, CO
Adventures in Salta and Jujuy
Rob did much to ‘make’ this trip. His broad knowledge of Patagonia—its geology, ecology, history, flora, and fauna was incredible. His long-standing relationships with the people who run the businesses with which we had contact clearly eased our way. His enthusiasm was infectious, and we continuously marveled at how—after years of being in Patagonia and leading these trips—it seemed as if each experience was as new and wonderful and fresh for him as it was for us.
— Martha G., Arlington, MA
In Patagonia
On a scale of 1-10, Rob would be a at least a 12. His knowledge of the area, the people, history, geology, and wildlife was amazing. He shared all of it with enthusiasm that was contagious. He was always concerned for the safety and comfort of every member of our group, and was essential to making this a successful epic adventure!
— Mary C., Louisville, KY
In Patagonia
Rob is an excellent guide, very enthusiastic about Patagonia, and enjoyed sharing his knowledge about the area with us.
— Edlyn M., Fort Collins, CO
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
I can't say enough positive about Rob. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and in-charge. Absolutely the best guide I have had on any trip.
— Duane D., Blue Bell, PA
Great Hikes and Estancias of Patagonia
Rob was amazing! From his knowledge to his always upbeat personality to his local contacts, he was second to none!
— Susan L., Prescott, AZ
In Patagonia
Rob added a good dimension to the trip, was knowledgeable in many areas, and a great leader. We enjoyed his company and stories. He does a mean picnic!
— Jodi and Tim L., Honolulu, HI
Heart of Switzerland
It is really a treat to travel with Rob. He is so knowledgeable and has such passion for what he does.
— Mashenka L., Golden, CO
Heart of Switzerland
Rob was really excellent. He had a deep knowledge of the geology and the people of the area that he was eager to share. His personal relationships with locals meant we had interactions and experiences that were not only very special, but more personal and less ‘touristy.’
— Maria S., Yardley, PA
Expedition to Greenland
Rob was, in a word, outstanding. His attention to the details of travel and safety, his attentiveness to any of the individual needs of members of his group, his depth of knowledge about every aspect of our travel experience, be it cultural or geophysical, were all of the very highest quality. Intangibles were his infectious enthusiasm; whatever we were doing as a group, Rob's presence enhanced the experience. His close relationships with the various local guides and with our driver made for additional comraderie and pleasant times with those individuals, as well. He is both an excellent communicator and listener. One could not ask for a better trip leader.
— Carla B., Ross, CA
In Patagonia
Rob is a spectacular trip leader. He handles the roles of ‘trail boss,’ educator, and entertainer with great skill, all the while demonstrating a sincere concern for the welfare of each trip participant. I can't imagine how anyone could perform this function better than him.
— Joe B., Sebastopol, CA
In Patagonia
Can't tell you how much I enjoyed Rob's company. By the end of the 8 days, he felt more like a good friend than a guide.
— Greg E., Los Angeles, CA
Hiking the Tyrolean Alps
Rob was great. Fun, knowledgeable, and very personable. I would not hesitate to take another trip where he is a leader.
— Martha K., Plymouth, MN
Hiking the Tyrolean Alps
This is my second trip with Rob, a superb guide! He does a great job of ensuring you see all you can while you're on the trip. He also addresses your needs and desires before you even ask...always one step ahead!
— Kathie D., Belle Isle, FL
Expedition to Greenland
Rob's knowledge and vast experience in this region, and his passion and enthusiasm, made this an excellent trip!
— Carolynn O., Saskatoon, SK, Canada
In Patagonia
Rob represents the gold standard in hiking guides. Absolutely outstanding. I'd go anywhere with him.
— Ken E., Inverness, CA
In Patagonia
Rob's enthusiasm and energy was contagious. We were all ‘lovin’ life.’ He was able to connect with each person in the group as an individual while maintaining a whole group esprit de corps. His knowledge of the area and of rock climbing added a lot to our appreciation of the amazing mountains.
— Ann E., Inverness, CA
In Patagonia
Rob was incredible. If there was a rating higher than Excellent I would give it to him in every category. He is a true professional and does all aspects of his job to the absolute highest standards!
— Daniel R., Marshall, NC
In Patagonia
Rob was very attentive, knowledgeable, and encouraging. We loved his sense of humor, professionalism, and attention to details. He met everyone's needs and made it look easy!
— Linda A., Fair Oaks, CA
In Patagonia
Rob was absolutely outstanding as a guide and fellow traveler. He has a relaxed but very confident leadership style born of a life in the outdoors. He was personable, funny, fascinating to talk to, inspired confidence—a complete pleasure to travel with.
— Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Rob's sense of humor was contagious, and his knowledge of geology and history added to the overall experience.
— Linda M., New Bern, NC
Pilgrim's Way
Rob is a fountain of information! So very interesting. And his sense of humor and positive outlook is wonderful.
— Janice A., Carmichael, CA
Heart of Switzerland
As Rob likes to say about others...he is a ‘wonderful human being.’ Passionate, knowledgable, patient, funny, engaging. He really helped make this trip special.
— Scott S., Minneapolis, MN
In Patagonia
Rob is incredible—so knowledgeable, so intelligent, so thoughtful, so fun. He truly has a gift for sharing his love and appreciation for Patagonia and inpires participants to take pleasure in it as he does.
— Kathie D., Belle Isle, FL
In Patagonia
Wow, does Rob know Patagonia! We cannot imagine a more knowledgeable or personable guide. He is a gem.
— Jan D., Meyersdale, PA
In Patagonia
Rob's easy-going style, humor, and attentiveness were stellar.
— Carol L., Kalispell, MT
Granada to Sevilla
Rob has an infectious personality, a great depth of knowledge, and more enthusiasm than I have ever seen.
— Elizabeth W., Chagrin Falls, OH
Hiking the Haute Route
Rob was a fabulous trip leader. His attention to detail, positive energy, knowledge, and kindness were nothing less than perfect.
— Kim C., Annandale, VA
In Patagonia
Rob was simply superb! He had a finess with each of the participants, making us feel special and well-taken care of. He is clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable about Patagonia and it shows! We will definitely be looking forward to finding another expedition with him.
— Ines M., Corona, CA
In Patagonia
Rob did a great job, and it is easy to see why he is one of your most popular guides. His enthusiasm is contageous, his experience and knowledge of the region are outstanding, and he is just plain fun to travel with. He went 'above and beyond' for us in so many ways that enriched our experience. One of the reasons I choose to travel with Wilderness Travel is the quality of your guides, and Rob is one of the best!
— Nancy D., Missoula, MT
In Patagonia
The trip would not have been what it was without Rob. His enthusiasm for the planet is infectious.
— Ward B., Laguna NIguel, CA
In Patagonia
Rob's enthusiasm, knowledge, and people skills are exceptional. He added an enormous value to the trip.
— Sandy M., Amherst, MA
In Patagonia
Rob's enthusiasm for what he does is remarkable. He went beyond the call of duty every step of the way to ensure each person on the trip had their needs matter how demanding. I am now very spoiled and I want to take another trip with him.
— Kathleen S., Cincinnati, OH
In Patagonia
Rob was amazing. His knowledge of the area, food, and people was unbelievable. You have certainly picked the right person to lead this trip.
— Esther C., Stamford, CT
In Patagonia
Rob had an infectious enthusiam and was one of the best guides I have had on a Wilderness Travel trip.
— John C., Stamford, CT
In Patagonia
Rob was great—knowledgeable, experienced, congenial, and helpful.
— Marlis B., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Rob was a true delight: very professional, knowledgeable, fun, and enthusiastic.
— Alexia K., New York, NY
In Patagonia
Our trip leader, Rob, was amazing and made our experience wonderful. His knowledge of the area, food, and people was unbelievable. You have certainly picked the right person to lead this trip.
— Esther C., Stamford, CT
In Patagonia
Rob was the best Trip Leader I’ve ever had.
— L. D., Woodinville WA
Rob was simply superb—the very best. His enthusiasm was infectious, his kindness immense, and his understanding of group dynamics is amazing.
— J. V., New York, NY
Cannot say enough about the great job Rob did. He was outstanding, lots of enthusiasm, encouraging to all. He’s the best Trip Leader I’ve been with.
— C. Finch, Huntington Beach CA
Rob really made this trip a great experience. His knowledge of the area combined with his climbing background provided us with a unique perspective on the area. He has a great enthusiasm for Patagonia and it shows.
— Bradley G., Seattle WA
Peaks of Patagonia
Rob’s a perfect guide! He took care of all the details and was a very enjoyable person. Lots of fun!
— Bill and Cora L., Gunnison CO
Peaks of Patagonia
Rob Noonan was a fantastic guide. He has so much enthusiasm and passion for the area, it really served as extra motivation and greatly enhanced the trip.
— Lark D., Arlington, VA
I’ve taken a number of group trips. I think Rob Noonan is the best leader I’ve had. I would gladly and eagerly travel with him again.
— James S., Poughkeepsie, NY
It was a phenomenal trip to one of the last wild regions. Rob Noonan’s enthusiasm was infectious. He was a positive and engaging trip leader. Very well informed and articulate.
— Don M., Steamboat Springs, CO
Rob Noonan was truly one of the best trip leaders we’ve ever had. A true global and environmental citizen.
— Nancy and Tom F., Sarasota, FL
Rob Noonan was great. His knowledge of the area was outstanding and he kept us all happy, interested, and engaged. One of the best guides we’ve ever met.
— Ed and Lois B., Washington, DC
Rob Noonan did a fantastic job and raised the whole trip to another dimension. His boundless energy and enthusiasm and knowledge made everything so much easier.
— Hans G., In Patagonia
Rob was just awesome.
— Mike and Sue H., Ketchum ID
In Patagonia
Probably the best leader of our 6 WT trips! Take care of him! He's good!
— Ed K., Palo Alto, CA
In Patagonia