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Sean Morrissey

Sean Morrissey was born and raised in London, spent time in Ireland growing up, and now lives in Bend, Oregon, with his wife, Leila, who also guides for Wilderness Travel (he holds USA, UK, and Irish passports). He moved to Australia at age 20, worked there for two years, then heeded the call of the mountains and became a professional guide, working in the Alps in the summer and in the Himalayas in fall and spring. Now after 30 years of guiding trips on six of the world’s continents, Antarctica remains and he’s hoping to get there some day! Sean’s sense of humor and gift for telling jokes and stories make him popular with both clients and locals alike, and his great sense for people allows him to gauge just what his clients want or expect from their experience. “My favorite part of this job is seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they’re having a wonderful time,” he says, and his enthusiasm for the cultures and beauty of the mountains is infectious to all who travel with him. Sean consistently gets rave reviews from his groups and has quite a following, often making friendships with clients that last many years after they have returned home.

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Client Testimonials

Sean was a treasure trove of history , stories, jokes, and general good humor that was really appreciated on the trip.
— Nancy M., Sacramento, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Sean was an outstanding and knowledgeable leader. When he was present there was always an interesting, fun, and often hilarious story to be heard.
— Lori W., Charlottesville, VA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Sean has an outstanding leadership style and brings a lifetime of experience, expertise, and humor to the table. It's inspiring to hike with him.
— Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Sean continues to be a terrific guide who is considerate and supportive while challenging to bring out the best in the group and individual. Never a dull moment in his company.
— Allan C., Chapel Hill, NC
Great Alpine Traverse
Sean is a great guide who encourages participants to engage in the experience. He is helpful and entertaining while maintaining a clear sense of the group. This is our second trip with Sean and we look forward to another. A very fun guy.
— Polly V., Chapel Hill, NC
Great Alpine Traverse
In addition to being an excellent leader, Sean was very attentive to individual hikers’ needs. He is also very funny and a good story teller.
— Randy and Sarah L., Denver, CO
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Sean brought an exceptional interest and awareness in local culture and issues, and a commitment to raising our awareness of same. His positive and supportive leadership was evident at all times. His personal relationships with many people we met along the way made for an unexpected and welcome 'plus' for us all.
— Craig L., Woodland HIlls, CA
Trek to Everest Base Camp
Sean is highly qualified for what he does. He is so much more than a professional guide. He is intelligent, humorous, caring, and considerate and has great people skills. We appreciated his knowledge of the area.
— Jean S, Lakeside MI
Exhibited a superb combination of encouragement and understanding for each of the clients. Always cheerful and professional.
— C. Thomas, Alexandria VA
Sean was excellent and supportive as needed, considerate of individual needs And a great sense of humor and irony.
— Allan C, Chapel Hill NC
This was my third trip with Sean Morrissey and he is always truly outstanding in every way.
— Sharon E., Lake Mary FL
Hiker’s Matterhorn
Sean really made a big difference in this trip for me. He is, very knowledgeable, likeable, highly competent, and an all-around good guy.
— Michael V., Hillsborough CA
Annapurna Sanctuary
Sean did an excellent job in every respect, keeping a good trek pace at altitude, teaching us local customs, having a good rapport with the Sherpas, and presenting a positive attitude every day.
— Joanne Galka, Boston MA
Ultimate Everest
Sean Morrissey is an outstanding guide. He was always seeking opportunities to enhance the trip.
— Sandy Ciske, Seattle WA
Hiker's Bhutan
Sean was absolutely great! Would go on one of his trips again in a heartbeat. In fact we are considering Nepal because of Sean.
— Tom and Connie T., Aurora, OR
Hiking in the Western Dolomites
I’ve had some wonderful guides on other WT trips, but Sean set a new standard. His knowledge of the area, his enthusiasm, and his sense of humor made it the perfect trip.
— Larry S., Boise ID
Hiking the Haute Route
Sean was a superb Trip Leader—well organized, willing to adapt to clients’ requests and/or needs, great sense of humor.
— Barbara T., Windsor, Ontario
Sean’s experience shows! An outstanding hike leader.
— Don T., Windsor, Ontario
I had heard before taking the trip that Sean was a wonderful leader but I didn’t realize how terrific! He definitely excelled in every area, accommodating 15 people of varying ages and abilities to ensure that everyone got the trip they were looking for. No small feat!
— Susan D., Indianapolis IN
Ultimate Dolomites
Sean was extremely capable and very flexible in dealing with various participants abilities and needs. He was entirely professional but also great fun to hike with a great source of information.
— Marilyn H., Barnstable MA
Ultimate Dolomites
I really appreciated Sean’s focus on improving skills (when necessary) and increasing confidence.
— Sandi F., Studio City, CA
Hiking the Haute Route