Koc mehmet

Mehmet Koç

As a 20-year veteran leader of The Turquoise Coast trip, Mehmet Koc’s passion for archaeology and history—not to mention his local insight throughout Turkey—has our guests leaving with a deep connection to the mesmerizing region. As one client put it, “Mehmet represents the best in his own country. He was calm, personable, knowledgeable, and watchful over every detail.” He wants trip members to come away with a deep feeling not only for the historical treasures of Turkey, but also for its contemporary culture. Among Mehmet’s favorite spots are the ancient sites of Termessos and Phaselis, for their dramatic settings in the mountains, and the landscape of Cappadocia, which he calls “a geological poem.” When not guiding, Mehmet enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and sailing.

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Client Testimonials

Mehmet is an extraordinary guide and person. Of the many adventure trips we've been on with various companies, he is the best leader we've had, not only for his wealth of knowledge and superb trip management, but especially for his warmth, genuine caring, and good humor.
— Ellen and Norman R., New York, NY
The Turquoise Coast
There is not a high enough rating for Mehmet. He is literally the best trip leader I have ever experienced, on any trip, with any company. The man is a genuine polymath. I cannot say enough good things about him.
— Ann F., Moss Beach, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is an exceptional leader and man. While we have always liked our trip leaders, Mehmet felt like an old family friend showing us around his country. He had a perfect balance of professionalism, always making sure we were happy and looked after, but also, knowing when to relax and enjoy the moment. He has a wicked sense of humor! Mehmet's passion about history is remarkable and he has a way of sharing that information so it is enjoyable.
— Traci S., South Pasadena, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet's knowledge, disposition, and judgment were second to none. We were entirely satisfied with the complete competency of his trip leader services, and, as important, his sincerity and friendship. A true gentleman and a gem of a guide.
— Mark R., Sacramento, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is a wonderful trip leader. He is very organized and makes sure everything flows smoothly. He made us feel welcome in his country and shared his extensive knowledge of its history and culture. He is also very fun to be with and treated us like friends.
— Karen B., Salt Lake City, UT
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is a fantastic guide, with perfect English proficiency, a wealth of archaeological and historical information, and the ability to manage diverse groups and changing circumstances easily.
— Courtney J., Auburn, ME
The Turquoise Coast
Outstanding guide, very knowledgeable not just about his own country's history and current events, but also shared his perspective of world events, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
— Yvonne G., Anchorage, AK
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet was an A++. A personable, friendly, efficient graduate professor of ancient and modern history with a sense of humor too. He was simply the best and greatly exceeded all expectations.
— Tom T., Walnut Creek, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is without equal—the best I've ever experienced.
— Eric N., Oakland, CA
The Turquoise Coast
I think that every member of our trip would rate Mehmet as one of the best people any of us has ever met. He was deeply knowledgable, warm, totally efficient, and on top of everything...always. He made the trip!
— Lynn B., Portland, OR
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is everything one wishes for in a Trip Leader: patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and organized. He is one of your best!
— Kate R., Albany, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet's knowledge of history and his passion for his country are phenomenal. He is one of the most outstanding guides I have ever had. His patience, his expertise, his people skills make him exceptional. He started our as our guide and as we said goodbye, my husband and I felt that we were taking leave of a dear friend.
— Ticia H., Corpus Christi, TX
Turkey Private Journey
Super guide—friendly, knowledgeable, kind, conscientious, and fun to be with!
— Tom B., Culver, IN
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet was an extraordinary guide, outstanding in every way.
— Linda A., Aurora, CO
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is probably the most knowledgeable WT guide I have had the pleasure of traveling with. His extensive knowledge of Turkish history and current events is a perfect match for this trip. A real pro and a nice guy.
— John H., Evergreen, CO
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet's thorough skills are understated but all-powerful. He has a quiet and respectful way about him, but his knowledge, organization, and all- encompassing leadership skills are over the top.
— Rachel S., Somerset, NJ
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet represents the best in his own country and in Wilderness Travel. He was calm, personable, knowledgeable, and watchful over every detail. To top it off, he has a delightful sense of fun.
— Lindsay A., Bend, OR
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is an extraordinarily knowledgeable and competent guide—a real asset for WT. We greatly benefited from his years of experience.
— Dennis K., Shaker Heights, OH
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is the ultimate trip leader: professional, super-knowledgable, kind, caring, attentive.
— Pam H., Denver, CO
The Turquoise Coast
We really enjoyed Mehmet's sense of humor, his calm attitude, his willingness to answer a wide range of questions, his dedication to getting things people in the group needed, and all sorts of other support he provided. We've awarded him sainthood!
— Ann S., Los Alamos, NM
The Turquoise Coast
I cannot say enough about Mehmet. He is a warm, urbane man whose knowledge of history, both ancient and modern, is bottomless.
— Susan M., Pebble Beach, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is a gem! He is knowledgeable about the areas we visited and its history, as well as any subject anyone asked him about. He is funny, personable, wonderfully respectful of everyone, had a great rapport with everyone we met, and seems to know everyone. He is one of the best guides I have encountered.
— Claire G., Seattle, WA
The Turquoise Coast
I would not hesitate to travel with Mehmet again. He has a great sense of humor and is well informed about his country and the world.
— Jan B., Mountain View, CA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is a true leader, not just a guide. He's a real professional: warm, personable, with deep knowledge, able to handle some difficult situations with aplomb. I'd follow him about anywhere!
— Paul G., Seattle, WA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet was wonderful. He was helpful, friendly, funny, organised, and very knowledgeable. He made the trip a very special one and I can't thank him enough.
— Belinda L., Thirroul, Australia
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet was amazing, and so very well informed. His knowledge of the area we traveled was phenomenal!
— Roberta F., Reno, NV
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet's knowledge was outstanding, along with his personality, sense of humor, and people skills. I'm a history professor and think I know the real deal when I see it. He's it.
— Neal F., Reno, NV
Turquoise Coast
Mehmet Koc is extraordinary in every way! His charming personality and love of his work made us all fall in love with his wonderful country.
— Jean U., Salem OR
Turquoise Coast
Mehmet Koc’s knowledge of Turkey’s history and his pride in his country made this a very special trip. And he made sure everything ran smoothly 100% of the time. He is an exceptionally intelligent and interesting conversationalist as well as being a lot of fun.
— Bill S., Crystal, MN
Mehmet Koc was great! Very knowledgeable, proud of his country, very experienced.
— Kinyon G., St. Helena, CA
Mehmet was a unique combination of knowledge, responsiveness, and concern for our welfare and enjoyment of Turkey.
— Grover W., San Francisco CA
Turquoise Coast
Mehmet was terrific—warm and very learned.
— Ginger H., Mercer Island WA
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet was a consummate professional and superb guide. His knowledge was superlative.
— Hayley M., Honolulu HI
The Turquoise Coast
Unusually well-versed in historical, political, economic, and archaeology. I would love to take another trip with Mehmet.
— Justin C., Santa Fe, NM
The Turquoise Coast
Mehmet is very personable, knows how to work with people. He really knows his subjects and is fun, funny, and very nice. We could not have asked for a better guide.
— Mary Lee C., Santa Fe NM
The Turquoise Coast
An intelligent, knowledgeable leader and a delight to travel with. Calm, patient, completely in control. A very impressive person.
— Cindy C., Santa Barbara CA
Your Trip Leaders are outstanding! Mehmet totally made this trip. His deep knowledge of history made all the ancient sites come alive.
— Marjorie R., New York NY
The Turquoise Coast