Hanghuwo usko

Usko Hanghuwo

Usko grew up in Namibia's northern region of Ovamboland and developed a love for nature and wildlife at an early age. After completing his education in Windhoek and working as a graphic designer, he decided to pursue his passion for guiding and has been leading trips in Namibia since 2009. His training led him from the NamibRand Nature Reserve to Damaraland, where he mastered skills in geology, plants, birds, and other wildlife, including the behaviors of desert-adapted elephants. He also spent time in the Himba villages, learning about their unique culture firsthand. Usko loves sharing his country with safari guests, and says it bring us “closer to nature and unites people from around the world.”

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Client Testimonials

Usko is an outstanding leader. He was informative, clear, kind, and always considerate. He respects his clients, and in turn, they respect him. His extensive knowledge of all things natural led us all to have a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of living things. He also helped us understand the topography of Namibia with his knowledge of geology. I think we all gained an appreciation for birds because of his passion for them. WT leaders are always very professional but Usko was flawless!
— Joni H., Evergreen, CO
Namibia Expedition
Usko was one of the best guides we have ever had, with a comprehensive knowledge of flora, fauna (especially birds), geology, geography, culture, history, with an answer for almost every question we asked him. We couldn't ask for more.
— Dan F., Beverly Hills, CA
Namibia Expedition
Usko is an excellent guide with a great deal of knowledge about animals, geology, insects, birds—just everything. Loved him. Kind, courteous, respectful. And a great driver!
— Marty T., Castle Rock, CO
Namibia Expedition
Usko is extremely knowledgable and experienced, and was always attentive to our comfort and safety, while offering outstanding commentary during the trip. He was attuned to the interests and needs of all the participants—a great guide!
— Lorna C., Berkeley, CA
Namibia Expedition
Esko is WONDERFUL! We were so lucky to have him as our guide. He knew his stuff...was always professional but also friendly/sociable and supportive...with a great sense of humor.
— Sue S., Melbourne, Australia
A Vision for Wildlife: Namibia Expedition
Usko was one of the best leaders we have ever had. He was amazing in every respect! His knowledge, tracking skills, communication skills, humor, organization, etc. could not have been better!
— Harvey and Ellen F., Los Angeles, CA
Namibia Expedition
Very much appreciated our guides getting us up early to experience Sossosvlei before tourists descended on the place. Both guides were truly outstanding—not only were they knowledgeable, but they were true gentlemen who made sure that everything went smoothly. I can't say enough good things about them!
— Marcia T., Santa Fe, NM
Namibia Expedition
Usko is a tribute to Wilderness Travel and the profession of guiding in the bush! He's personable, flexible, smart, funny, inviting, and competent. He always extends a sense of confidence about what we're doing, where we're going, and what we should expect. Simply the best!
— Steve A., La Jolla, CA
Namibia Expedition
Usko was just wonderful, with a great wealth of knowledge generously shared. He made an excellent trip even better.
— Pat O., Buford, GA
Namibia Expedition
Usko is extremely professional and knowledgable and when combined with his winning personality, it adds up to an excellent, resourceful trip leader. He was able to capably, efficiently handle all situations with a good sense of humor and perspective.
— Lynne N., San Francisco, CA
Namibia Expedition
Usko could not have been better; he made this trip. Outstanding!
— Ed T., Laredo, TX
Namibia Expedition
Usko's sense of humor and his familiarity with the people of Namibia—particularly the Himba—really added a lot to the trip.
— Nancy B., Oakland, CA
Namibia Expedition