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Donna Goodman was raised on the isle of Anglesey off the rugged northwest coast of Wales. With a degree in Environmental Science and a working background in countryside management (which covers everything from land conservation and soil sciences to sheep herding and fence-building!) Donna is a passionate and skilled botanist, and worked in Yorkshire for over ten years as a countryside ranger before returning to her beloved Wales. Donna earned Wales’ prestigious Blue Badge Guide certification in 2000, and expertly weaves her homeland’s fascinating history, Bardic traditions, and ancient Celtic language into each journey she leads. Hwyl, roughly translated from Welsh as “fun,” is also at the top of her checklist for every adventure. The Welsh are known to possess deep passion and a profound sense of belonging to their land, and Donna shares these generously as well. As Donna puts it, “Being knowledgeable doesn’t mean you have to be dull. I want my trips to get under the skin of a place, I want interaction with locals, I want to reveal how the landscape has shaped us and how we have shaped it.” She has traveled extensively around the world from Antarctica to Tibet, but is firmly and happily rooted in Wales. When she’s not adventuring, you’ll find Donna at her home in the historic royal town of Caernarfon, hands deep in her vegetable garden.

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Client Testimonials

I never felt like there was something I wanted to know about Wales that Donna couldn't tell me. She's deeply connected to Wales and England. And she's joyful in a way that's infectious.
— Fae E., Salt Lake City, UT
Adventures in Wales
Donna is simply a superior guide. She has a deep love and knowledge of Wales, and that passion comes through. She is a storyteller for sure, and Wales really came alive through her.
— Julie S., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Adventures in Wales
This was my second trip this summer with Donna; I chose my trip dates in part due to her presence as group leader. I thought that she was fantastic leading the Wlaes trip earlier, and my opinion has not changed after spending an addition two weeks in England with her. She is very professional, interacts extremely well with group members, and is quite knowledgeable.
— Curtis L., Meadville, PA
England Coast to Coast
Donna went above and beyond even what an excellent leader would do. She was the perfect leader in every way, both personally and professionally. I give her my highest accolade!
— Anne G., Nashville, TN
Adventures in Wales
Donna was wonderful. She knows every inch of Wales and took us to many hidden gems. She was also very sensitive to the chemistry of our group—Wilderness Travel is lucky to have her.
— Suzie R., Clive, IA
Adventures in Wales
Donna was enthusiastic in showing us her native Wales. She is an excellent guide who is fun and knowledgeable.
— Polly V., Chapel Hill, NC
Adventures in Wales
Donna was a terrific guide: personable, knowledgeable, with a great sense of humor, and eager to share her very evident love of Wales and all things Welsh. Whether it was an impromptu discussion of the history and composition of hedgerows, or mini-lectures on Welsh history, Donna kept us entertained and informed, providing depth and context to our travels.
— Carleen H., Denver, CO
Adventures in Wales
Donna did a wonderful job on this trip. She is very knowledgeable about England's history, environment, and customs, and was very attentive to the needs of the group. Her upbeat and friendly personality made the trip very enjoyable.
— Bob S., Half Moon Bay, CA
England Coast to Coast
Donna was very knowledgable, energetic, and upbeat, and always kept the trip interesting. She was an excellent hike leader.
— Carol G., Boulder, CO
Adventures in Wales
It would be hard to find anyone more passionate about Wales, her native land. She is fun, knowledgable...always wanting everyone to have the best experience possible. One of the best leaders I have had.
— Diane S., Reno, NV
Adventures in Wales
Donna is one of the most delightful leaders with whom I have ever been associated. She is a great, warm storyteller that totally transfixed our group with the historical events of Wales going back across the centuries and millennia.
— Bill W., Alameda, CA
Adventures in Wales
I have done several hiking trips with WT, and I must say that Donna stands out as one of the most knowledgeable and most enthusiastic to share her passion for Wales. She brought every day alive—whether it was about history, the Welsh language, foods, flora, weather, etc.
— Martha B., Tucson, AZ
Adventures in Wales
Donna's knowledge of all things Welsh was beyond excellent and imparted to us with an enthusiasm that was was both fun and interesting.
— Ned B., Miami, FL
Adventures in Wales
Donna is a wealth of information and imparts it with enthusiasm and grace. She has boundless energy and looks after her charges with kindness and much consideration. She is cheerful and fun and made every day a joyful experience.
— Mary B., Miami, FL
Adventures in Wales