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James Fuss is a trekking guide, photographer, cyclist, and chef extraordinaire. Born and raised in South Australia, James found his wanderlust early on family camping trips across Australia. His love of the culinary arts is deep-rooted as well, and as a young chef, he headed off to Europe to expand his repertoire. There he undertook many explorations of the wilds of the British Isles and the Alps— traveling, backpacking, and cycling hidden corners of Europe, and onward to the Himalayas—then returned to Australia to become a guide in the legendary Outback. A WT leader since 1997, James is always up for an adventure, from the mountains of Europe to the shores of Tasmania. “It’s a joy to guide in such divergent places. I love the gastronomic diversity of Europe, especially France. And I’m always happy to help trip members discover the pristine wilderness, unique wildlife, bountiful seafood, and superb wines of Tasmania. Wherever I’m guiding, I try to make a journey a once-in-a-lifetime experience for people.” James is conversant in French, German, and Nepali, and when he’s not guiding, he enjoys camping, boating, and fishing with family and friends.

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James is above excellent. He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is having a great experience. He is a true professional with vast knowledge of Tasmania, and his relationship with locals really makes a trip witha  great amount of movement go smoothly.
— Rick G., Brighton, MA
Wild Tasmania
James was a great leader, entertainer, and food / wine connoisseur. Could not have asked for a better person to lead this trip—he has an awesome knowledge and love for Tasmania.
— Lindsay E., Los Angeles, CA
Wild Tasmania
What can I say? James continues to go well above and beyond to give his clients a great travel experience. I can't say enough great things about his trip leadership style, diligence, and attention to detail.
— Greg P., San Antonio, TX
Wild Tasmania
James is one of the best leaders I have ever had. He clearly loves Tasmania and wants to show us why. He also goes out of way to accommodate participants.
— Penny A., Los Angeles, CA
Wild Tasmania
James is an exceptionally talented leader, extraordinarily knowledgeable about the culture, history, plants, and people of Tasmania. He varies his trip according to the skills and preferences of the clients. He’s also a lot of fun to be around!
— Debbie O., Franklin, TN
Wild Tasmania
James' ready sense of humor and concern for our welfare were a good combination.
— Nancy P., Los Angeles, CA
Normandy and Brittany
This was my third trip with James. He does a great job of organizing and making everyone feel welcome. Always pleasant and cheerful, keeps everything on track, and easily handles problems that arise. He definitely makes the trip enjoyable.
— Eric D., Danville, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
How can you not love and appreciate James? A consummate professional, terrific person, and joy to be around.
— Lisa W., St. Simons Island, GA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
James is incredibly knowledgeable and full of fun and warmth. He brings a sense of fun and story whereever he is.
— Stephanie B., Emeryville, CA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
James was fantastic in picnic preparation, funny stories, and all around engagement with the group. His gifts as a leader were apparent and we will seek him out for future trips.
— Suzanne and Brady M., Friendswood, TX
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
James was wonderful - the best guide I've had on a trip. He went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy and anticipated our every need.
— Carol M., Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Wild Tasmania
James was a fun and high energy trip leader, and we especially appreciated that he noticed the tastes and interests of the group and responded with great new ideas and side trips when possible. We were all foodies, so James' background as a chef really fit with our personalities.
— Cynthia S., San Diego, CA
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
To have a former chef as a guide in France was a real bonus for a group of foodies!
— Peter A., Surrey, BC
Medieval France: The Lot Valley
I loved having James as a leader! He was funny, knowledgable, caring—a great all-around guy.
— Aletha M., Hattiesburg, MS
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
James was excellent—knowledgeable, engaging, and made sure all aspects of the trip went well for all.
— Art G., San Rafael, CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
James was ever energetic, full of positive spirit, and went out of his way to make each day special and full of surprises.
— Barbarau H., Berkeley, CA
Glacier Express
James really knows how to make a trip fun. I never tire of his jokes!
— Margie R., Plymouth, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
What an amazing person James is! He handled all of the arrangements smoothly, and made even the van rides entertaining. His knowledge of food and wine really added to our enjoyment of the trip (not to mention our waistlines).
— Lyn S., Las Vegas, NV
Wild Tasmania
James somehow commanded a complicated itinerary and clients with varying hiking skills flawlessly. His enthusiasm, knowledge of the area, love of cuisine, and particularly his close relationships with many of the hotel and hut proprietors elevated everybody's experience miles beyond expectations.
— Kate F., Santa Monica, CA
Great Alpine Traverse
James Fuss is an amazing person. He is warm and kind, gregarious, sharing all that he has and knows with others. He appears to be easy going but in fact works very hard to make people happy and help things run smoothly. It is clear that he knows and loves Provence and all the food and wine.
— Angela T., Manhasset, NY
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Provence
James was great and really does a great job in allowing a broad understanding of life in Tasmania.
— Craig K., Sewickley, PA
Wild Tasmania
James made me laugh so hard every day! He was always smiling as he managed the needs and desires of 14 people. His selection of food, wine, restaurants, activities, optional hikes, his ability to get us all where we needed or wanted to be...he was tireless in caring for the clients.
— Susan I., Boulder, CO
Great Alpine Traverse
This was our second trip with James, 'le bon vivant,' culinary maestro, and wine enthusiast. James adds fun (and an endless stream of jokes) to his contributions of knowledge and globe-hiking experiences and stories to the journey.
— Richard Y., Ellicott City, MD
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
James is very entertaining and knowledgeable. He has the greatest collection of clean jokes of anyone I've met!
— Bix W., Pebble Beach, CA
Normandy and Brittany

If there was a rating higher than excellent, James would deserve it. He gives 110% and makes certain everyone comes home with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

— Diane S., Vista, CA
Great Alpine Traverse
James's infectious, gregarious personality coupled with his amazing command and handling of our group made us feel he is just a superb adventure travel guide.
— Cynthia C., Sarasota, FL
Hiking the Haute Route
This trip was a great adventure. I returned home addicted to traveling and exploring new places. James has a genuine love for Nepal, its people and culture.
— Susan M., San Francisco CA
Ultimate Everest
James Fuss is a master of his profession. I’ve been a guide myself and he’s the best I’ve ever seen.
— Victoria A., Ojai, CA
Ultimate Everest
James is extraordinary in his enthusiasm and knowledge of every aspect of “Tassie.” The mix of activities—hiking, sailing, beachcombing—was terrific. The balance between town and country was perfect. Bravo!
— Kathy K., Chicago IL
Wild Tasmania
James went out of his way to make this trip a truly memorable experience. His appreciation of food and wine was an extra added touch. He made every day a joy!
— Leslie B., Oakland CA
Wild Tasmania
Outstanding, lots of fun, gave us more than we ever expected.
— Ron W., Pittsford NY
Everest Adventure
James was an amazing guide and leader on this trip. Now I understand why so many clients come back because of James!
— Aimee H., Marina del Rey, CA
Wild Tasmania
James is a lot of fun and very client oriented.
— Patricia A., Vancouver, Canada
Great Alpine Traverse