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Andrew Forbes

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Andrew Forbes, leader of many of our Indochine and Myanmar journeys in the last decade. Andrew’s passion for travel began during his university days with extended trips across Asia and Africa. This passion continued through his days as a lecturer at Aberdeen University and the University of Khartoum, eventually leading to a decision to live permanently in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. An author of great distinction, Andrew’s published works stretch to more than 40 books and literally hundreds of essays and articles, with subjects ranging from the Silk Road to the history of Vietnam. He was a man overflowing with knowledge, much of it esoteric, and the desire to help others understand the world they were living in. Few who met him will forget his enthusiasm for all things that life has to offer. We will miss Andrew greatly.

Client Testimonials

Andrew was wonderful! It really enhanced our trip to have him there to give us an ongoing history lesson every step of the way. He is so knowledgeable, and we were the beneficiaries of his vast experience.
— Jan K., La Jolla, CA
Andrew is simply outstanding. He is a wonderful person with an amazing knowledge of Asia and seasoned insights that add a wonderful dimension to the trip.
— Dennis K., Shaker Heights, OH
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land
Andrew is the best. He is the reason we picked this trip. His knowledge of history and culture makes the country come alive.
— Marty K., Shaker Heights, OH
Burma: Wonders of the Golden Land
Andrew was a fantastic guide in every way. He was knowledgeable beyond belief, and we all looked forward to his lectures. He is a huge part of the reason why we enjoyed the trip so much.
— Cathy B., Ann Arbor, MI
Learned, humorous, articulate, even handed, and personable, Andrew wove everything together within a context of a broader southeast Asia, including China. His guiding hand and information regarding historical and current issues that form the present-day countries we visited greatly enhanced the tour for us.
— Richard H., Annandale, VA
It was a fabulous experience to have Andrew as our leader. His knowledge of the area and sense of humor were terrific.
— David C., Potomac, MD
JoAnn and I cannot praise Andrew enough. He is a great soul and possesses a depth of knowledge of the area that could serve as the gold standard for other guides.
— Scott S., Fresno, CA
How lucky we were to get someone who is not only knowledgeable about the area but can put it all together for us historically. Andrew is a joy and such a valuable asset. Wish I'd had him as my teacher when I was in school!
— Yvonne C., Pacific Palisades, CA
Andrew was superb. Great knowledge of the people and their history.
— Victor D., Hudson, OH
Andrew is extremely personable and eager to share his wealth of information about the history of Indochina. A delightful traveling companion.
— Steven F., Brooklyn, NY
Is there no rating above excellent? He taught us, he told great stories, he listened to comments, and always responded in a positive manner. We enjoyed him very much.
— Mary Ellen B., Bloomfield Hill, MI
It was a pleasure to have guide like Andrew. He not only knew the areas we explored but had also written about them. His extensive knowledge provided a rich context to our adventure.
— John and Virginia R., Orlando FL
Andrew’s knowledge of history and politics made the trip come alive. His passion is contagious!
— Marty K., Shaker Heights OH
Andrew was absolutely charming, brilliant, humble and kind to everyone. I think he reads people well. We felt Andrew made the trip a true treasure. His historical knowledge was so appreciated. He was funny and thoughtful.
— Bonnie and David R., Indianapolis, IN
Andrew was outstanding. His extensive knowledge, charm, patience, and delightful sense of humor made for a memorable trip.
— Ann W., Riverside CT