De benedictis irene

Irene De Benedictis

Originally from Rome, Irene began traveling at the age of 17, and has lived in various countries including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, and Finland. Her love of different cultures and languages (she knows seven!), paired with her love for pilgrimages (she walked the Camino de Santiago...twice) makes her a wonderful travel companion on the pilgrim’s trail. Irene's father is a member of the Italian congregation of St. James, which is responsible for the upkeep of the pilgrim's trails from Italy into Spain and Jerusalem, and she has also worked as a “hospitalera” (pilgrims’ albergue host) for the pilgrim’s trail in Italy. Fun fact: Irene wrote a book called Spaghetti and Sauna about the cultural differences between Italy, her home country, and Finland, where she lived for four years.

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Client Testimonials

Irene was so much fun to have on our trip. She is extremely engaging and very caring toward everyone. She was so helpful and constantly positive.
— Maggie R., Kenosha, WI
Bergamo to Innsbruck
Irene was a wonderful leader and very engaging. She is full of energy and was very focused on making sure everyone was taken care of and having a good time.
— David R., Kenosha, WI
Bergamo to Innsbruck