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Tim Burford

Tim Burford’s goal to explore the world led him to write nine hiking guidebooks for destinations from Latin America to central Europe, including the definitive Travel Guide to Georgia (the former Soviet Union). With hiking poles in hand, he has been leading Wilderness Travel trips all across Europe for over 20 years. Tim studied French language and literature at Oxford University, lives in Cambridge, England, and when not writing or leading our hiking adventures, enjoys sailing and cycling.

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Client Testimonials

Tim's steady presence and long experience and knowledge base of leading trips in these (and other) mountains was a big reason the trip was a success. There wasn't a question asked that he couldn't answer and he made certain that things went as they were supposed to. We were lucky to have him as part of the leadership team.
— Mary H., Arlington, VA
Bergamo to Innsbruck
We were in excellent hands and his assurance was catching and added a very comfortable element. Very generous with his good humor, steady patience, knowledge and general good will.
— Susan F., Greenwich, CT
Normandy and Brittany
Tim was a great co-guide. He was very patient, friendly and very engaging with everyone. I enjoyed my talks with him. He was very encouraging and easy going and a wealth of knowledge on so many things. I would not hesitate to trek with him again!
— Rae R., Ridgefield, WA
Hiking in Cornwall
Tim was a pleasure to hike with: steady, knowledgeable, calm, confident, and interesting to boot.
— Brenda M., Manchester, MI
Tour du Mont Blanc
Tim is very knowledgeable about history, the setting, flora and fauna, and could answer any question we had. He also chose excellent wines for our dinners!
— Maya L., Los Angeles, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Tim was a wonderful leader! His calm demeanor and lovely dry British wit—plus his extensive knowledge of the area—were perfect additions.
— Megann Y., Fresno, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Tim was fun to travel with and was genuinely concerned that all participants had a good time.
— Mark S., Boulder, CO
Hiking in Cornwall
Tim was terrific, so educated about English history—and everything else for that matter!
— Peggy K., San Francisco, CA
England Coast to Coast
Tim was wonderful. His knowledge of history and architecture were quite impressive and greatly added to the whole experience of the trip. A great guy!
— Richard P., Washington, DC
England Coast to Coast
Tim is very professional , pleasant, and friendly, and smoothly handled all aspects of the trip.
— Estee L., Los Angeles, CA
Normandy and Brittany
Tim's huge store of knowledge contributed to our trip in a big way. He was able to give us history and other information.
— Aviva K., Los Angeles, CA
Normandy and Brittany
Tim was a model of knowledge, responsiveness, and good organization. We'd be very happy to travel with him again.
— Wendy Y., Pebble Beach, CA
Normandy and Brittany
Tim was an excellent leader. He was very attentive to those of us who were slower than the rest of the group.
— Carole M., Santa Cruz, CA
Villages and Monasteries of Bulgaria
Tim was a true gentleman. I enjoyed listening to his stories of hiking all over Europe and South America. I had no doubt that I was safe and secure, even in rough terrain.
— Jennifer K., Glenview IL
Tim Burford is a well traveled and knowledgeable leader and an asset to WT. We’d love to travel with him again.
— Julie R., Bainbridge Island WA