A campsite on the Inca trail.


The Best Campsites & Cuisine on the Inca Trail

Camp Cuisine

You’ll be surprised and delighted at the variety and quality of our on-the-trail cuisine, a blend of freshly made American and Peruvian dishes. Breakfast and dinner are served in our enclosed dining tent, complete with table and chairs. Each morning, you’ll wake up to hot coffee, cocoa, and a choice of teas, brought right to your tent. This is followed by a freshly prepared breakfast of eggs, pancakes, French toast, or oatmeal. As you start the day’s hike, we provide tasty trail snacks including fresh fruit and chocolate.

Lunches consist of a wide variety of dishes, depending on the day, including delicious pasta salads, soup, casseroles, and other offerings. They are served at a comfortable and scenic spot along the trail where our staff has set up tables and chairs, and quite often an open tent for shade. At each lunch stop, we set up our own private toilet tent and chemical toilet for minimal impact on the environment.

A dining table set up on the Inca trail.
A woman enjoying a meal.
Vegetables on a frying pan.

When you arrive at our well-located camp at the end of the day’s hike, snacks are on hand prior to dinner, including popcorn, cookies, crackers, and hot or cold drinks. Dinner begins with a hearty soup followed by an entrée of fish, beef, or chicken (with vegetarian options), along with vegetable dishes, fruit, and a light dessert. Our cooks are well-trained in catering to special diet needs including gluten-free and non-dairy. Just let us know in advance of your dietary requirements.

We use filtered and boiled water for cooking and provide it for you to fill your water bottles each day. Wilderness Travel’s camp hygiene is practiced at the highest level, with highly trained cooks.


What more can I say? The food in our camps was outstanding. I still can taste the trout we had for one of the dinners.


Hiking the Inca Trail the Wilderness way was an amazing experience. Between the porters and the dining tent and the toilet tent, it was easy to forget we were supposed to be camping!

Inca trail campsite.
Interior of a tent on the Inca trail campsite.
A traveler resting in a tent.
Two travelers resting in a tent.
Two travelers ready for hiking.

Camp Amenities

Camps 1 and 2

Our first two nights are in our own totally private camps, both just outside the park boundary, allowing us to give you extra amenities. The first camp has wonderful thatched-roof tent chalets featuring twin or king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms with hot showers, a permanent indoor dining facility as well as a wood-fired sauna. The second camp has private indoor toilets and hot showers, and we dine inside our normal dining tent with tables, tablecloths, and chairs with backs.

Camps 3 and 4

Our crew assures we are assigned the best camping spots in the national park campsites, and you’ll appreciate the incredible views at the camps we choose. These camps feature a dining tent and our own biodegradable chemical toilet for our group alone, so you don’t have to use public toilets on the Inca Trail when we’re in camp. The views at sunset from Camp 4 are just spectacular, stretching from snow-capped Mt. Veronica to Mt. Salcantay.


Our tents are roomy, high-quality 4-person mountain tents (used for only two people) and 2-person tents (used for singles). In our first two private camps, each tent is pitched inside a permanent thatched shelter to provide additional warmth and protection.

On the fifth night of the trek, after your final day of hiking, you’ll overnight in the legendary Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, right at the ruins, a fitting end to a spectacular journey.

Local Quechua girls visit a trekker in her tent.

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