Special Events and Expeditions

Our Special Events and WT Expeditions are truly extraordinary, combining phenomenal experts with journeys in intriguing corners of the world. Watch a total solar eclipse with renowned astronomers, learn about the secrets of the Incas, or trace Shackleton’s epic voyage in Antarctica with climbing legend Conrad Anker. Each event is offered just once, and they sell out quickly. See what we have coming up!

antarctica south georgia penguins mountains
Expedition Cruise Program aboard the Seaventure
with Special Guests Alex Filippenko, PhD, Tim Jarvis, and Conrad Anker
Nov 22-Dec 12, 2021
alaska cruise humpback whales jump
Expedition Cruise aboard the Wilderness Explorer
with award-winning nature writers Kim Heacox and Debbie Miller
Aug 21-28, 2022
egypt giza pyramids camel
An Archaeology Exploration from Giza to Luxor
Dec 3-14, 2022
komodo island
The Legendary Kimberley and Exotic Islands of Indonesia, Plus an Eclipse!
Apr 14-28, 2023
village under the atlas mountains in morocco
Mountain Trails of the Middle Atlas and High Atlas, plus Fes and Marrakesh
WT Expedition with Mark Gordon
Oct 11-21, 2021
Mar 18-28, 2022
Sep 30-Oct 10, 2022
Mar 12-22, 2023
Oct 9-19, 2023
madagascar sunset baobab
A Wildlife and Cultural Expedition
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Apr 2-27, 2022
zimbabwe imvelo elephant canoe
Thrilling Game Walks, Abundant Wildlife, Enchanting Lodges
WT Expedition with John Laing
Apr 4-13, 2022
Apr 25-May 4, 2022
Apr 2-11, 2023
Apr 23-May 2, 2023
namibia botswana zebra antelope giraffe
Dramatic Wildlife, the Caprivi Strip, Traditional San Tribes
WT Expedition
May 24-Jun 5, 2022
Jun 6-18, 2022
Jun 30-Jul 12, 2022
Jul 13-25, 2022
Jul 18-30, 2022
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bengal tigers india three water
Wildlife Safari in the World’s Famed Tiger Reserves
WT Expedition with Indrajit Latey
Mar 1-15, 2022
Oct 26-Nov 9, 2022
Nov 9-23, 2022
Mar 15-29, 2023
Oct 28-Nov 11, 2023
karakoram highway kashgar china
From Xi’an to Xinjiang
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Sep 3-21, 2022
nepal mustang goat herd stupa lo manthang
Cliff Villages, Cave Temples, and a Tibetan Buddhist Festival
WT Expedition
May 10-25, 2023
norway fjord hiker loen sogn og fjordane
From Hjørundfjord through Geirangerfjord
WT Expedition with Stefano Pozzi
Jun 29-Jul 8, 2022
Jun 28-Jul 7, 2023
Aug 30-Sep 8, 2023
peru colca canyon andean condor in flight
Historic Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, and the Salar de Uyuni
WT Expedition with Andrea Heckman
Jun 18-30, 2022
Sep 29-Oct 11, 2022
Jun 17-29, 2023
Sep 29-Oct 11, 2023
patagonia torres del paine puma
From Tierra del Fuego to Paine National Park
WT Expedition
Feb 26-Mar 11, 2023
Mar 12-25, 2023
indonesia west papua snorkeling whale shark
Whale Sharks and the Spectacular Coral of Papua
WT Expedition with Bob Brunskill
Jun 22-Jul 2, 2022
Jul 6-16, 2022
Jul 20-30, 2022
Jul 11-21, 2023
Jul 25-Aug 4, 2023
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indonesia komodo view of padar island
A Snorkeling, Wildlife, and Cultural Expedition
WT Expedition with Andrea Duggan
Jul 3-14, 2022
Jul 17-28, 2022