With full days of kayaking and snorkeling, as well as a scenic flight at the end of the adventure, you’ll experience these majestic Rock Islands both above and below the water. One of the most celebrated snorkeling destinations in the Pacific, Palau has a pristine underwater environment—including Jellyfish Lake, one of the only places in the world where jellyfish have evolved to be stingless! Our private beach camps give us special access to this island paradise and experienced local guides give you a true insider’s access.

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What Makes our Palau Journey So Special?

The Camping Experience – We have exclusive access to private beach camps, complete with walk-in tents, solar showers, bathroom facilities, and an alfresco dining area. By moving our camps from island to island we experience more of Palau’s beauty and untouched wildlife and get you away from the resort crowds!

Itinerary Design – With over 20 years experience in Palau, we have perfected every aspect of our itinerary. We meticulously plan trip dates around moon and tide cycles so that we visit each reef, marine lake, and waterfall at the perfect time.

Expert Trip Leaders – Our Trip Leaders grew up in Palau and are true experts in these wondrous islands. You will leave feeling as if you’ve received a crash course in marine biology, WWII history, and Micronesian culture.

Delicious Cuisine – Breakfasts of fresh fruit, eggs, and bacon. Picnic-style lunches on postcard-worthy beaches. Dinners of fresh fish caught just that morning and a variety of fresh vegetables. The meals will quickly make you forget you’re camping on a remote beach!

Limited to 9 Travelers - You’ll have an intimate and personalized experience both above and below water. Your Trip Leaders and support boat are always nearby, giving you a chance to ask questions and snorkel at your own pace.

Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking Itinerary

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10 days from: $6495
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Sea kayaking & snorkeling tour of Palau. Snorkel amid coral reefs and marine life, explore the Rock Islands, Jellyfish Lake, mangrove forests & Peleliu Island!

10 days from: $5895
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Snorkel and sea kayak in the pristine coral reefs in Palau’s phenomenally scenic Rock Islands, with a private guide and lodging in island-style resorts.

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Palau Itinerary

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