A Day in Madagascar

There’s so much to see and experience in Madagascar that the design of your trip is especially important. You’ll need enough time in each park to take full advantage of opportunities for wildlife viewing, photography, and spending time with locals.

Bright orange, black, and white endemic butterfly against greenery

A Day in Andasibe

On both programs, we visit Andasibe National Park, a wonderfully diverse wildlife reserve. Below is a sample day with Wilderness Travel. Please note that the hikes, activities, and extra guides are included at no additional charge.

5:00 am—Optional Birding Hike for Early Risers
Optional birding hike with a local guide. More than 100 bird species make their homes in Andasibe, so you can look for most of the country’s rainforest-dependent endemic birds right here. Enjoy fresh tropical juices with your full breakfast at the lodge.

8:30 am—Forest Walk with Indris and Chameleons
Visit Analamazoatra Special Reserve, known for its black-and-white indri lemurs whose haunting cries echo through the forest. The park also teems with a vibrant collection of butterflies, birds, orchids, and ferns. Watch for diademed sifaka lemurs, red-bellied lemurs, and the enchanting eastern bamboo lemurs, as well as Parson’s and other striking chameleons hiding in plain sight. It’s also home to many plants used medicinally by the Malagasy people; your guide will point them out and explain their uses.

11:30 am—Up-Close Photo Opportunities at Lemur Island
Visit Lemur Island, where orphaned lemurs are cared for by rangers. Because they’re habituated, the brown lemurs, bamboo lemurs, and black-and-white ruffed lemurs that live here are friendly, allowing close encounters and excellent photo opportunities. There’s time to freshen up, share photos, and swap stories before a hearty lunch at the lodge.

Environmentalist with hiaroke tree seedlings ready for planting in Andasibe National Park

2:30 pm—Plant a Native Seedling
Visit the Voi Forest Project, a community-run organization that aims to promote sound environmental management while enhancing local livelihoods (a Wilderness Travel donation helps support the project). Plant a seedling of a native tree species, adding to the more than 200,000 trees supporters have started here. Afterwards, hike in the forest or enjoy afternoon tea with our local guide’s family.

6:30 pm—Evening Nature Hike and Dinner
Head out on an evening walk with a local guide for a glimpse into the fantastic nocturnal world of Madagascar’s forests. We’ll watch for dwarf lemurs, woolly lemurs, and mouse lemurs; birds like the Madagascar long-eared owl and Madagascar nightjar; and many species of frogs and chameleons. Then re-live the day’s adventures at dinner—a three-course meal with your choice of beer or wine—before tucking into our comfy accommodations.

Contact our Africa Specialists

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Our Africa specialists are your single point of contact and will be happy to answer any questions about our trips, help you choose the journey that’s right for you, and assist with any extensions you may be interested in. They even have great advice on what to pack! You’ll be in good hands, from the time of your first call to your departure on this adventure of a lifetime.