The Romantic Danube

From Prague to Budapest aboard a Premier River Vessel

The Romantic Danube route-map

Trip Details at-a-Glance

Cost From: $3449  
Length: 11 days
Arrive: Prague, Czech Republic
Depart: Budapest, Hungary
Lodging: 3 nights hotel, 7 nights aboard a premium river vessel
Meals: All meals included aboard ship
Activity: Cultural Adventures, Walking, River Cruising
Trip Level: Cultural exploration and walking tours


  • Glorious Prague, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Stunning medieval towns including Regensburg, Vilshofen, and Passau
  • Cultural and architectural heritage of Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest
  • Delightful cuisine and wines, optional guided bike tours

Everyone aboard the ship was great, and the guides for the off-ship tours were very informative and knowledgeable.Ronald F.—Half Moon Bay, CA

Choosing the Right Trip

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Departure Notes

Once you have signed up on the trip, we send a complete packing list, relevant health information, and required travel documents.

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Framed by forested hillsides, lush vineyards, picturesque villages, and medieval castles, the beautiful Danube has captivated musicians, artists, and poets for centuries. In the comfort of our carefully selected vessels, custom designed for cruising Europe’s rivers, we explore an array of impossibly romantic destinations, beginning with a three-day stay in unforgettable Prague, followed by a seven-night river cruise along the legendary Danube. As we meander down one of the most beautiful stretches of this 1,600-mile-long river, we enjoy walking tours, optional guided bike rides, and discover a host of fairytale settings, from the tiny Bavarian town of Vilshofen, with its Italian Baroque architecture, to delightful Budapest, celebrated for its stunning location straddling the Danube as well as its architecture, wine culture, and tasty Magyar cuisine.


Day 1
Arrive in Prague, Czech Republic

Arrive in Prague and transfer on your own to the hotel. The balance of the day is free to start exploring this beautiful city.

Days 2-3

Our morning’s sightseeing tour reveals why Prague is considered one of Europe’s most attractive cities. We explore Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle, and walk across Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square.  Enjoy Day 3 at leisure or join an optional tour to Terezin, a former Nazi concentration camp, now a memorial.

Day 4
Regensburg, Bavaria / Vilshofen / Embark

A walking tour brings us through elegant Regensburg, one of Bavaria’s finest medieval cities, and we explore the tiny riverside town of Vilshofen, including celebrating "Oktoberfest" just off teh ship's gangway, then embark with an overnight on board.

Days 5-6
Vilshofen / Passau / Linz, Austria

After a morning stroll in Vilshofen’s beautiful Old Town, we cruise to Passau for a walk through this 2,000-year-old city of Gothic and Italian Baroque architecture.  An alternative option is a guided bike tour along the Inn River. In Linz, Austria, after our walking tour, we have afternoon options to visit the medieval Czech town of Cesky Krumlov or Salzburg, city of Mozart.

Day 7
Melk / Krems

We cruise through the narrow Strudengau to Melk, home to the most magnificent Baroque monastery in Austria, then through the Wachau Valley to tiny Krems. Options include a walking tour of medieval Durnstein or a guided bike tour.

Day 8

The Vienna Opera House, majestic Ringstrasse, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are among our explorations of this enchanting city of High Baroque churches and aristocratic mansions. Evening choices include a Mozart or Strauss concert.

Day 9
Bratislava, Slovakia

We cruise to Bratislava, where our morning visit to the city includes the Rococo-style Mirbach Palace, built in 1768. As an alternative, enjoy a Communist History Tour with landmarks such as the Soviet War Memorial.

Days 10-11
Budapest, Hungary / Disembark

From Buda Castle, we enjoy a splendid view of the twin cities of Buda and Pest. After our explorations today, our vessel will take a night cruise past the illuminated river front. Disembark and depart on Day 11.

Note: This cruise is not exclusive to, nor operated by, Wilderness Travel, who acts solely as agent in booking your reservation with the ship operator. The itinerary, lecturers, and all other arrangements are subject to change at the discretion of the cruise line.

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What the Trip is Like

The trip is rated Level 1, Easiest, and is appropriate for anyone in good health who is physically active. Cruising days provide ample opportunities to relax on board, while shore excursions require a moderate amount of walking, often along uneven cobblestone streets and up and down stairs. To better accommodate our guests and their individual fitness levels, three levels of walking tours are offered whenever possible: "Regular Walkers" go at an average pace, "Gentle Walkers" proceed in a more relaxed manner, and "Active Walkers" move at a faster pace, which allows them some extra free time. Whenever possible, a "Late Starters" group is offered for guests who prefer to sleep in a bit.

Explanation of Trip Levels


Departures and Trip Cost

Price is per person in Category E, a deluxe stateroom with a window. Cabin upgrades are available at additional cost per person (listed below this chart).

Prague May 24-Jun 3, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen May 27$3,399$4,179
Prague May 29-Jun 8, 2015 AmaPrima Vilshofen Jun 1$3,399$4,179
Prague Jun 7-17, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Jun 10$3,299$4,079
Prague Jun 21-Jul 1, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Jun 24$3,299$4,079
Prague Jun 26-Jul 6, 2015 AmaPrima Vilshofen Jun 29$3,299$4,079
Prague Jun 28-Jul 8, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Jul 1$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 24-Aug 3, 2015 AmaPrima Vilshofen Jul 27$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 26-Aug 5, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Jul 29$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 2-12, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Aug 5$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 9-19, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Aug 12$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 16-26, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Aug 19$3,399$4,179
Prague Aug 21-31, 2015 AmaPrima Vilshofen Aug 24$3,399$4,179
Prague Aug 23-Sep 2, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Aug 26$3,499$4,279
Prague Aug 30-Sep 9, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Sep 2$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 6-16, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Sep 9$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 13-23, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Sep 16$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 18-28, 2015 AmaPrima Vilshofen Sep 21$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 27-Oct 7, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Sep 30$3,599$4,379
Prague Oct 11-21, 2015 AmaSerena Vilshofen Oct 14$3,299$4,079
Prague Oct 18-28, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Oct 21$3,199$3,979
Prague Nov 1-11, 2015 AmaSonata Vilshofen Nov 4$2,899$3,679
Prague Nov 13-23, 2015‡ AmaPrima Vilshofen Nov 16$2,799$3,579
Prague Nov 15-25, 2015‡ AmaSonata Vilshofen Nov 18$2,799$3,579
Prague Nov 18-28, 2015‡ AmaBella Vilshofen Nov 21$2,799$3,579
Prague Dec 27, '15-Jan 6, '16 AmaSonata Vilshofen Dec 30$2,899$3,679
Prague Apr 1-11, 2016AmaSonataVilshofenApr 4$2,699$3,479
Prague Apr 11-21, 2016‡AmaDanteVilshofenApr 14$2,899$3,679
Prague Apr 15-25, 2016AmaSonataVilshofenApr 18$2,999$3,779
Prague Apr 25-May 5, 2016AmaDanteVilshofenApr 28$3,199$3,979
Prague May 13-23, 2016AmaSonataVilshofenMay 16$3,399$4,179
Prague May 19-29, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenMay 22$3,399$4,179
Prague Jun 2-12, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenJun 5$3,399$4,179
Prague Jun 10-20, 2016AmaPrimaVilshofenJun 13$3,399$4,179
Prague Jun 13-23, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenJun 16$3,399$4,179
Prague Jun 27-Jul 7, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenJun 30$3,399$4,179
Prague Jun 30-Jul 10, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenJul 3$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 8-18, 2016AmaSonataVilshofenJul 11$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 11-21, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenJul 14$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 14-24, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenJul 17$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 25-Aug 4, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenJul 28$3,299$4,079
Prague Jul 28-Aug 7, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenJul 31$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 5-15, 2016AmaSonataVilshofenAug 8$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 8-18, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenAug 11$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 11-21, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenAug 14$3,299$4,079
Prague Aug 22-Sep 1, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenAug 25$3,499$4,279
Prague Sep 2-12, 2016AmaPrimaVilshofenSep 5$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 5-15, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenSep 8$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 8-18, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenSep 11$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 19-29, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenSep 22$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 22-Oct 2, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenSep 25$3,599$4,379
Prague Sep 30-Oct 10, 2016AmaSonataVilshofenOct 3$3,599$4,379
Prague Oct 3-13, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenOct 6$3,599$4,379
Prague Oct 6-16, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenOct 9$3,499$4,279
Prague Oct 17-27, 2016AmaViolaVilshofenOct 20$3,199$3,979
Prague Oct 20-30, 2016AmaSerenaVilshofenOct 23$3,199$3,979
Prague Oct 28-Nov 7, 2016‡AmaSonataVilshofenOct 31$3,099$3,879
Prague Oct 31-Nov 10, 2016‡AmaViolaVilshofenNov 3$2,999$3,779
Prague Nov 3-13, 2016‡AmaSerenaVilshofenNov 6$2,899$3,679
Prague Nov 11-21, 2016‡AmaSonataVilshofenNov 14$2,799$3,579
Prague Nov 14-24, 2016‡AmaViolaVilshofenNov 17$2,799$3,579
Prague Nov 17-27, 2016‡AmaSerenaVilshofenNov 20$2,799$3,579
Prague Dec 26, 2016-Jan 5, 2017AmaViolaVilshofenDec 29$2,899$3,679

‡ “In Celebration of Wine” cruise.
** Jewish Heritage cruise.

Price above is per person in Category E, a deluxe stateroom with a window. Cabin upgrades are available at additional cost per person (see below).

AmaDolce, AmaLyra, and AmaDante Cabin Upgrade Pricing Per Person

Category Deck Stateroom 2015 2016
D Piano Window add $299 add $299
C Violin/Cello French Balcony add $799 add $899
B Violin/Cello French Balcony add $999 add $1099
A Violin French Balcony add $1099 add $1199
A+ Violin French Balcony add $2099 add $2199
S Violin French Balcony add $2299 add $2399

AmaPrima, AmaCerto, AmaBella, AmaSonata, AmaSerena, and AmaViola Cabin Upgrade Pricing Per Person

Category Deck Stateroom 2015 2016
D Piano Window add $299 add $299
C Violin/Cello French Balcony add $799 add $899
BB Cello French Balcony/Outside Balcony add $1299 add $1399
BA Violin French Balcony/Outside Balcony add $1499 add $1599
AB Violin/Cello French Balcony/Outside Balcony add $1699 add $1799
AA Violin French Balcony/Outside Balcony add $1899 add $1999
AA+ Violin French Balcony/Outside Balcony add $2499 add $2599
SS Violin French Balcony/Outside Balcony add $2999 add $3199

Single Supplement: 50% of Cruise Cost, additional $420 for Land Cost. 100% of Cruise and Land Cost for A+, AA+ & Suites.

Port Charges: $168 per person

Important: Dates, prices and itineraries for 2015 sailings are subject to change.

Bedding: Please select bedding configuration at the time of booking. The Options are: Option A: Two twin beds Option B: One large bed (larger than queen size).

Ask at time of booking for Special Offers!

Round trip airfare packages are available. Call for details.

Note: This cruise is not exclusive to, nor operated by, Wilderness Travel, who acts solely as agent in booking your reservation with the ship operator. The itinerary, lecturers, and all other arrangements are subject to change at the discretion of the cruise line.

Trip Payment Schedule*

At time of reservation: $400
100 days prior to departure: Balance

*Please note that this differs from our regular catalog departures.

Cancellation and Transfer Fee Schedule*

Minimum fee: $200 per person
120-90 days prior to departure: $400 per person
89-60 days prior to departure: 35% of trip cost
59-30 days prior to departure: 50% of trip cost
29-7 days prior to departure: 80% of trip cost
6 days or less: 100% of trip cost

*Please note that this differs from our regular catalog departures.

Trip Cost Includes:

  • 3 nights hotel in Prague at the InterContinental (or similar), including daily Buffet Breakfast
  • Transfer from Prague to the ship in Vilshofen
  • 7 nights deluxe cruise accommodation in an outside stateroom
  • Most staterooms offer French balconies or revolutionary Twin Balconies
  • Life enriching tours and excursions daily
  • “Culinary Delights – Bites & Sights” excursions
  • State-of-the-art Infotainment System in all staterooms featuring free high-speed Internet access, hit Hollywood movies, extensive music library & English language TV stations
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access on board
  • Terry bathrobes and white-on-white plush bedding in all staterooms
  • Gourmet dining with all meals included during your cruise
  • Multiple dining venues on select vessels
  • Every lunch and dinner on board includes free-flowing regional wines as well as complimentary beer and soft drinks. In Europe, complimentary sparkling wine is also served with breakfast. Bottled water, specialty teas and coffees are always available free of charge
  • Bottled water in every stateroom replenished daily
  • Cocktail Reception, Welcome Dinner & Captain’s Gala Dinner
  • Special highlights including cooking demonstration, onboard music performances and piano music
  • Bicycles to explore on your own & guided bicycle tours
  • Services of professional Cruise Manager
  • All English language on board in a non-smoking environment (smoking permitted only on the Sun Deck)
  • All local taxes

Trip Cost Does Not Include:

Airfare; arrival/departure transfers; taxes or government fees; passports or visa fees baggage fees; travel, health, accident or other insurance vaccinations; laundry; any meals or beverages not specified in itinerary; optional excursions; gratuities or other items of services of a personal nature.

Arrival & Departure Information

Arrival & Meeting Place

Prague, Czech Republic   
Hotel InterContinental (or similar)
Date: Day 1
Suggested arrival time: anytime

Suggested Arrival Airport
Prague (airport city code PRG)

Vilshofen, Germany
Date: Day 4

A transfer to the ship is provided for Cruise & Land participants.

Cruise-Only passengers join the trip on Day 4. (Cruise-Only participants can transfer on their own or purchase a Transfer Package. Call for details.)

Budapest, Hungary
Date: Day 11

Suggested Airport for Departure
Budapest (airport city code BUD)
Date: Day 11

Expedition Details

A valid passport is required for traveling on this trip.  Be sure to check the expiration date.  Your passport must be valid for six months after the conclusion of your trip.  It is a good idea to carry photocopies of your passport photo page in case your passport is lost or as an additional piece of identification, as well as two extra passport photos.

No visa is required for US Citizens traveling to Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia or Hungary.

We recommend checking the Center for Disease Control at should you have any international health concerns.

No inoculations are currently required for Europe.



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Client Comments

Everyone aboard the ship was great, and the guides for the off-ship tours were very informative and knowledgeable. Ronald F., Half Moon Bay, CA This was one of the best trips we have ever taken! Ginger H., Mercer Island, WA Our cruise manager was a highlight of the trip, as he was engaging, humorous, and always helpful. Linda S., Seattle, WA
This was my first time on a riverboat was a lot of fun (this comment is coming from someone who is not a boat tourist!). Phil F., Naples, FL There is a lot to be said in favor of cruising! Less unpacking and repacking, slower pace, lovely accommodations. The Sonata is a beautiful boat, sparkling new, with attentive staff and good food. Jane F., Naples, FL