Argentina’s Realm of peaks and Glaciers


Some of the most spectacular peaks on the planet are in Argentina’s Glacier National Park, and our hiker’s journey reveals the very best of this grand-scale paradise, where rivers of ice pour down from the Patagonian Icecap and granite towers soar above the pampas. Our hikes—with two options each day—lead across wild steppes and along azure lakes for extraordinary vistas of Fitzroy and Cerro Torre as well as the park’s exalted glaciers, some of the world’s biggest, and they are a treat for the eyes (and the ears, with their creaks and pops). At our welcoming estancias, including Cristina and Helsingfors, both in superb and incredibly remote locations, you’ll feast on Patagonian fare and enjoy hearty red wine at the end of each fine day of hiking.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-4
Buenos Aires / Calafate / Chaltén / Glacier National Park

After enjoying Buenos Aires’ Old World charm, we head to Glacier National Park, a realm of glittering ice fields and 47 major glaciers. Our hiking options bring you to Laguna de los Tres, with panoramic views of the jagged pinnacles of Fitzroy (11,703’), and to Laguna Torre, a glacial lake offering jaw-dropping vistas of the slender spire of Cerro Torre (10,280’). On one day you’ll don crampons for a thrilling walk on the Viedma Glacier, and at its lateral moraine, view ice caves and overhangs in this dramatic and ever-changing landscape.

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Days 5-7
Estancia Helsingfors / Perito Moreno

Fed by the ice of the Viedma Glacier, Lago Viedma is the setting for exhilarating hikes, including one that brings you through beech forests (with good birding!) to remote Lago Azul, a sublime glacial lake that truly earns its name. We stay at Estancia Helsingfors, a delightful retreat nestled at the base of mountains that drop onto the shores of the lake. At this wonderful lodge, exclusive to our group, you’ll enjoy great food (delicious roast lamb and freshly-caught trout) and a warm family atmosphere. Heading to Calafate, you’ll get great up-close views of the Perito Moreno Glacier, with its ice blocks plunging into turquoise Lago Argentino.

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Days 8-12
Estancia Cristina / Calafate

To reach Estancia Cristina, we boat across Lago Argentino, navigating amid icebergs along the Upsala Glacier, South America’s longest. From this beautiful estancia, a historic former sheep ranch surrounded by glaciers and snowy Andean peaks, our hikes bring you up Cerro Carnero for glorious views of the mountains and the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, and through a fascinating canyon landscape where marine fossils are embedded in the walls. At night we enjoy fine meals and warm hospitality in this estancia at the end of the world. Return to Calafate on Day 11 and depart on Day 12 via Buenos Aires, or join our Iguazu Falls or Estancia extensions.

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Exhilarating day hikes—with two options a day—to Patagonia’s most celebrated peaks, including Fitzroy and Cerro Torre
Incredible mountain scenery, and an exciting hike with crampons on the Viedma Glacier
Historic estancias and fine lodges—some of them exclusive to our group, and welcoming Patagonian hospitality


Length: 12 days
Cost From: $6495  
Arrive: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Depart: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lodging: 6 nights hotels and lodges, 5 nights estancias
Meals: All meals included except 1 lunch and 1 dinner
Activity: Hiking / Trekking, Cultural Adventures
Trip Level:

9 hiking days on moderate to steep trails, 2-6 hours a day, altitudes below 5,000 feet

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