Perspectives on East Africa

June 2014

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A Symposium and Safari Program in Kenya’s Central Highlands Featuring Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Dr. Laurence Frank, Dr. Richard Estes, Dr. Louise Leakey, and Master Photographer Frans Lanting

Join us for an extraordinary symposium and safari program featuring a remarkable group of world-renowned wildlife experts and conservationists. Our 3-day symposium is in Kenya’s beautiful Central Highlands, where much of East Africa’s most important wildlife research and community-based conservation projects are taking place. Join us to meet these ground-breaking researchers, learn about their work, and enjoy a rare “insider’s” look at their fascinating projects, such as Dr. Laurence Franks’s Laikipia Predator Project, which encourages coexistence of people, lions, and livestock. Our symposium will be held at the historic Mount Kenya Safari Club, set at the base of Mt. Kenya and one of East Africa’s most elegant accommodations. Presentations by our luminary Guest Speakers will be interspersed with excursions to the El Pejeta Sanctuary, home to the Jane Goodall Institute’s chimp sanctuary as well as the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, to Guest Speaker Laurence Frank’s project at Mpala Research Centre, and to the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, where the endangered forest antelope, the bongo, is being bred for reintroduction to Mt. Kenya. The symposium is offered in cojunction with special safaris to the best wildlife destinations in the region, making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience of East Africa.


The Arc of the Sacred

January 2015

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Religion, Art, and Culture Across Southern Asia
Featuring Eminent Scholars Dr. Helen Ibbitson Jessup, Dr. Mark Muesse, Dr. Vasudha Narayanan, Dr. Damian Evans, and John Sanday, OBE
A Symposium at Angkor Wat with Journeys from Nepal to Indonesia

The religions and cultures of southern Asia are vibrant and distinctive, yet the region’s art, architecture, and cultural traditions share much in common due to the extraordinary influence of sacred beliefs as they spread across the arc of Asia. These influences are still visible today, from the Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal to the vast array of temples at Bagan, Burma, to the living artistry of Balinese Hindu culture. Join us for our four-day symposium in Siem Reap, Cambodia, site of the world-renowned Angkor Wat temple complex. Presentations by our remarkable guest scholars will offer us an insider’s perspective on the  fascinating interplay of religion and culture across southern Asia, including Khmer culture, and are complemented by in-depth excursions to the World Heritage Site of Angkor. In conjunction with the symposium we have created six special tours focusing on the sacred monuments and living traditions of a wide range of destinations, from the Himalayan foothills to the verdant rice fields of Bali.


Alaskan Passage

May 25 - June 1, 2015

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Natural History and Native Heritage of Alaska’s Southeast
Featuring Acclaimed Interpreters of the Natural World Barry Lopez and Richard Nelson
on the 60-passenger Wilderness Adventurer

Experience Southeast Alaska’s astounding beauty and learn about the fascinating cultures of its native people in the company of distinguished authors Barry Lopez and Richard Nelson. From Juneau to Ketchikan, we voyage along the Inside Passage, the spectacular waterway lined with immense glaciers, misty fjords, temperate rainforests, and islands teeming with wildlife. Our days are filled with hiking, kayaking, and whale watching in the company of our naturalist guides and guest speakers, who further enrich our journey with engaging evening presentations. Our home base is the Wilderness Adventurer, a 60-passenger vessel that’s wonderfully comfortable, yet small enough to venture into tiny coves and anchorages.