Itziar Zorilla

Itziar Zorrilla is a native of the Basque country in Spain and considers the mountains of the Pyrenees her home. An expert climber, she has traveled solo in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America pursuing higher summits and exploring new cultures. Itziar loves to share her passion for Basque culture, the Pyrenees, and the beauty of Spain. One of her favorite hiking areas is in Anboto, close to Bilbao, where "vertiginous limestone peaks rise just from the valley—the most impressive mountains of our land." Itziar's personal rules for happiness are many: "Never leave the house without a book, never say 'no' to a movie, and never waste an opportunity to go on a trip, whether nearby or far away."

Upcoming Trips:

Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country, June 1-10, 2015
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country, June 29-July 8, 2015
Great Hikes and Cuisine of Basque Country, August 31-September 9, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Itziar was outstanding. Her warmth, humor, interpersonal skills, and hiking abilities added even more to the trip. Raymond and Deborah Tonella, Napa CA
Across the Pyrenees
Itziar was an exceptional leader—very conscientious about attention to detail and ensuring that all her guests had a positive experience. Lynn F., Orinda, CA
Across the Pyrenees
A highly energetic, animated, passionate, knowledgeable, and attentive guide. Professional, well prepared, and sensitive to everybody's needs. Robert C., Corrales, NM
Across the Pyrenees
Itziar is a jewel of a leader, warm, humorous, and sensitive to individual hiker's concerns. Barbara and Don T., Windsor, Ontario
Across the Pyrenees
Itziar is by far the BEST EVER! She is intelligent, forward thinking, inclusive, compassionate, thinks on her feet, has a joyous presence, and I wish she had a dozen clones. Linda L., Berkeley, CA
Across the Pyrenees