Priya Singh

Supriya “Priya” Singh, Hashmat’s wife, began her travels early when her father was posted in remote northeastern parts of India,with practically every weekend spent exploring Kaziranga and Manas, two of India’s premier wildlife sanctuaries. Priya has studied Indian classical dance since she was a child, giving performances in India and Japan until her mid-20s. She later worked at American Express for 12 years, where she handled travel for multinational companies. As a Trip Leader, Priya adds her own perspective of India from a woman’s point of view, revealing aspects of Indian culture so different from anywhere else in the world. Marriage and two teenagers keep her busy, and she also enjoys golf, yoga, and travels with her husband.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips:

Heart of India: Tigers, Tribes and the Taj, March 17-30, 2013
Hidden Rajasthan and the Holi Festival, February 21-March 11, 2015