Tania Masi

Born in Florence, Italy, of an American mother and proud Florentine father, Tania Masi was raised with an appreciation for both American and European cultures. With nine languages and a Master of Geography under her belt—not to mention a career as a journalist and documentary film director in Berlin, where she currently lives—one can hardly believe she has enough time to lead trips, yet that is exactly where she finds her passion. “Traveling brings us to the question ‘what am I doing here?’ and answers it in the most delightful way!” she says. You can often find her stopping along hikes to speak to locals, and she loves to share the beauty and flavors of Europe with visitors. When not leading trips, she explores new places and practices yoga.

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Client Testimonials

She is a good as they come, very charming and willing to help us get some feel for the culture.
— Carla S., Berkeley, CA
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Tania was wonderful. She was always upbeat and positive. Very professional, but also very warm and caring. A rare combination.
— Richard P., Washington, DC
Classic Haute Route
Tania is a gem of a guide and a treasure as a human being. She brought aliveness and enthusiasm to every moment of the trip.
— Linda G., San Rafael, CA
Switzerland: The Via Alpina
Tania was a fantastic leader and a pleasure to be with. She was outstanding in bringing her warm and cheerful disposition to every situation and truly wove the group together in so many ways and moments. She was always approachable, fun, energetic, and set a good example that it's possible to truly be a citizen of the world.
— Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking in Sicily
A great upbeat personality, perfect for dealing with groups. Energetic on the hikes and a storehouse of local knowledge.
— John H., Fairbanks, AK
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Tania is a force of nature! So much energy and enthusiasm. As a native of the region where we were traveling, she provided lots of information and behind-the-scenes perspectives.
— Susanne R., Brewster, NY
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Tania is knowledgable, very personable, a bundle of energy, and just a lot of fun to be around. A highly intelligent woman.
— Bill B., Morris Plains, NJ
Medieval Hilltowns and the Isle of Elba
Tania was a ball of energy! She is also very knowledgeable and her command of so many languages was impressive. We had a great time with her and her positive energy and laugh are contagious!
— Naomi G., Tucson, AZ
From Ticino to the Engadine
Enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable about everything! One of the best I've encountered.
— Gail O., Austin, TX
From Ticino to the Engadine
Tania is awesome! Great fun and enthusiasm and very knowledgeable about a great variety of topics.
— Kirsten H., New York, NY
Switzerland: The Via Alpina
Tania was an absolute joy to have as a leader; her knowledge and experience make it so easy and fun.
— Verna K., Naples, FL
Across the Grand St. Bernard Pass
Tanya Masi's energy is infectious. She is smart and funny and loaded with info—plus a great hiker. She was definitely a wonderful addition to the trip.
— Lucy H., Sunset Valley, TX
Ultimate Dolomites
Tania was an outstanding guide and a real pleasure to be around. Her knowledge and enthusiam were a real asset to the trip.
— Cathy S., Charlotte, NC
Tour du Mont Blanc
Tania did a great job and was a lively, fun person to spend time with!
— Cathy E., Lexington, MA
Tania Masi is an absolute delight. Her laugh, energy and smile were infectious, and her enthusiasm for ensuring that everyone was having a good time was present at every turn. It would be impossible to have a bad day when sharing the trail with Tania. What a gem!
— Iwalani C., Portland, OR
Hiking the Haute Route
Tania Masi is a a consummate professional guide...caring, funny, open, and fun. Thoroughly enjoyable and charming. I really can't say enough good things about her...just the best.
— Marcia Z., Clio, CA
Heart of Switzerland