Kinley Gyeltshen

Kinley Gyeltshen, from Gaselo village in Bhutan’s Wangdi District, attended St. Joseph’s School in Darjeeling, India, and also studied at St. Anthony’s College in Shillong in northeast India. He joined the Bhutan Tourism Corporation in 1985 to become a professional guide, completing intensive studies in Buddhist iconography, culture, and history as well as botany. In 1990, Kinley traveled to Innsbruck, Austria, for six months of training in trekking and mountaineering skills. He has led groups into the hidden corners of Bhutan since 1991.

Upcoming Trips:

Hiker's Journey to Bhutan, September 26-October 7, 2014
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan, October 30-November 10, 2014

Client Testimonials:

Kinley is a superb leader, extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and personable. I can’t think of a better leader in all my years of travel. He is a treasure. Alan L., Bellevue WA We’ve traveled a lot and Kinley is the best—such a gentleman, so gracious, knowledgeabe. We were very well cared for! Sonja B., Long Beach CA
Hiker’s Bhutan
After 10 trips with WT, we agree that Kinley is the best trip leader we’ve had! Eileen D., South Pasasdena, CA
Hiker’s Bhutan
Kinley afforded us a real ‘insider’s’ look at Bhutanese life. His knowledge and sense of humor made this a very memorable trip. Pam B., Princeton Junction, NJ
Hiker’s Bhutan
What a knowledgeable, intelligent, professional trip leader Kinley is. He’s a fantastic guy who made the trip well worth it. Liza E., Denver CO
Bhutan: the Chomolhari Trek
Kinley is an outstanding tour leader in every way AND a wonderful advocate for Bhutan. Arch B., Tucson, AZ
Hidden Bhutan
Kinley is an exceptional human being, a superb leader with encyclopedic knowledge of his country and region. Jack G., New York, NY
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan
Kinley was one reason we loved the trip so much. He introduced us to his culture, country, and religion, and we appreciated every climb, every monastery, every van ride, and every experience. He was extremely knowledgable and interesting. Peggy and Michael W., Hingham, MA
Hiker's Journey to Bhutan