Ethan Daniels

Ethan Daniels came by his interest in marine biology and conservation during the summers of his youth in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After graduating from Bucknell University in 1994, he entered the University of Guam Marine Lab, concentrating on the behavioral ecology of reef fishes. While working on his MS in biology, Ethan spent his time away from research guiding with film crews including productions for the Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Overall, Ethan spent almost nine years in Palau working as a biologist, guide, dive instructor, and photographer. In 2004 Ethan joined an ongoing research project in a completely different region, Antarctica. As part of the US Antarctic Marine Living Resources program he worked on zooplankton distribution and abundance in the Southern Ocean. Ethan has led our journeys in Raja Ampat, the Mergui Archipelago, and Palau. He is the co-author of Palau: Dive Sites, History, and Culture and author/photographer of Under Cape Cod Waters. His award-winning photography can regularly be seen in periodicals including Sport Diving Magazine, Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver Australasia, EZ Dive Magazine, Ocean Geographic, Asian Geographic, Asian Diver, Cape Cod Life, and others. Images from Raja Ampat, Burma, Palau, the Philippines, and other destinations can be found on his website:

Upcoming Trips:

Komodo Snorkeling Expedition, September 15-25, 2014
Snorkeling with the Humpbacks of the Silver Bank, March 14-21, 2015
Solomon Islands Snorkeling Expedition, July 18-28, 2015

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Client Testimonials:

Ethan was a very special and wonderful leader. His knowledge made the trip outstanding. Mary T., San Francisco CA
Kayaking and Snorkeling in Burma
Ethan was essential to the enjoyment and learning experience when we were looking at the multitude of marine life. Carol B., San Francisco CA
Kayaking and Snorkeling in Burma.
Ethan Daniels is superb. I would travel with him anytime. His knowledge, enthusiasm energy, and professionalism are tops of any trip leader I’ve traveled with. Cory S., Portland, OR Ethan Daniels is without a doubt one of the very best Trip Leaders we have had the pleasure of being with. Rud and Mary Ellen B.
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Ethan introduced me to wonder of the reefs then brought it all to life with is intense knowledge of the area. Clair H., Austin TX
Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition
Ethan's enthusiasm was amazing, as was his knowledge and his personality was warm and easy going. He's the best! Nellda R., Lakeland FL
Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition
Ethan Daniels was awesome. Extremely knowledgeable, kind, patient, and fun. David D., Chicago IL
Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition
Ethan makes learning fun! Seriously, my head is bursting with new knowledge and I can't believe I had such a good time. Cheryl O., Santa Fe, NM
Snorkeling the Misool Archipelago
Ethan is a terrific leader, very knowledgeable, professional, likeable. Vicki O., Boulder CO
Raja Ampat
Ethan’s evening lectures were great. He always explained very carefully what each snorkel would be like. Vicki G., Oakland Ca
Raja Ampat
Ethan was great: incredibly knowledgeable about the marine life and natural history of the region, a really expert free diver, a tireless teacher, a sympathetic coach. Thomas L., San Francisco, CA
Raja Ampat: The Waigeo Islands
Ethan's knowledge of the area was over the top and his willingness to share was incredible. I hope you can clone him. Tom F., Sarasota, FL
Raja Ampat: The Waigeo Islands
Ethan was terrific in all ways, a quintessential leader—mellow, respectful,solicitous, knowledgeable, and fun. Judith P., Concord, MA
Raja Ampat: The Misool Islands
Superlatives are not enough to describe him. Tom B., Lexington, SC
Raja Ampat: The Misool Islands
Ethan's enthusiasm is infectious, and his knowledge vast. He personifies the ideal trip leader. Rachel M., Arroyo Seco, NM
Raja Ampat: The Misool Islands
Ethan's knowledge of marine biology is formidable and his enthusiasm to share that information was a delight. Patrick T., Danville, CA
Raja Ampat: The Waigeo Islands
Ethan was excellent! So informed, helpful, tactful, and humorous. He is uniquely talented as a trip leader. Michael K., Roanoke, VA
Raja Ampat: The Misool Islands
Ethan's evening slide shows were fascinating, his photos of coral and fish were spectacular, and he can and did speak to the myriad of environmental issues with tremendous sensitivity and a clear love for the area. Carol M., Lafayette, CA
Raja Ampat: The Misool Islands
What a great trip leader Ethan is! Not only does he know tons about the area, the fish, the coral, and the geology, he's a delight to be around. Lyn S., Las Vegas, NV
Raja Ampat: The Waigeo Islands
Ethan is amazing! A great trip leader, very knowledgeable, energetic, and strove to make sure everyone was getting the experience they wanted. Kevin F., Arlington, VA
Snorkeling with the Humpbacks of the Silver Bank