Azaa Choijoo

Azaa Choijoo was born and raised on the eastern steppes of Mongolia and has been a professional Trip Leader for 10 years. Fluent in English, Russian, and Kalkh Mongol, Azaa is a graduate of the Institute of Foreign Languages. During the school year, she teaches Russian and English at a Middle School in Ulaanbaatar. She describes her country as “a land with no fences, free and unchanged in millennia, with a magnificent culture where you are welcomed at every door.” Although she loves all of Mongolia, she has a particular fondness for the Gobi, with its vast open spaces, stillness, and variety of landscapes. A delightful leader with boundless energy and an incredible command of her country’s history, Azaa loves sharing Mongolia’s natural beauty and fascinating culture. When not leading trips, she lives in Ulaanbaatar with her husband and two children, or visits her parents at their ger in the countryside.

Upcoming Trips: TBA

Past Trips:

Heart of Mongolia, July 13-26, 2011
In the Land of Genghis Khan, July 1-16, 2012
In the Land of Genghis Khan, July 1-16, 2013
In the Land of Genghis Khan, July 1-16, 2014
In the Land of Genghis Khan, August 1-16, 2014
Lake Baikal to Mongolia, August 16-29, 2014
Golden Eagle Festival and the Gobi Desert, September 29-October 11, 2014

Client Testimonials:

Azaa was amazingly patient and unfailingly calm and professional, while also perfectly friendly. A simply wonderful guide in every way! Alan R., Santa Cruz, CA
In the Land of Genghis Khan
Azaa was the best trip guide I have ever experienced. She was helpful, resourceful, patient, attentive, and unflappable. Without her, the trip would not have been as great. What a pleasure to travel with her! Phebe J., Escondido, CA
In the Land of Genghis Khan
An intelligent, knowledgable, personable, skillful, tactful, competent guide—A1. Sue Z., San Anselmo, CA
In the Land of Genghis Khan
Aaza was an excellent guide. Our wonderful interaction with the people was facilitated by her warm manner. Jean B., Carmel, CA
In the Land of Genghis Khan
Azaa was superb—very informative and responsive to our needs. Bill D., Champaign, IL
In the Land of Genghis Khan