Ingrid Cercek

Ingrid Cercek was born and raised in Slovenia. After 28 years living in the lovely capital, Ljubljana, she moved with her husband to a small wooden chalet in the countryside. Since her childhood, Ingrid has been exploring the mountains and villages of Slovenia as well as Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and of course, nearby Italy. She also scouted our first Northern Lights trip to Lapland, in the crown of Finland. Fluent in four languages (English, Slovenian, Italian, and Croatian), Ingrid is a wonderful guide and avid mountain hiker with a passion for introducing visitors to the alpine wonders and ancient European cultures she loves. “My country is one of those rare places where you can take a deep breath of fresh mountain air in the Alps in the morning then a few hours later, breathe the fragrant scent of the Mediterranean. I love to bring trip members closer to these special places that I have such a passion for.”

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I love Ingrid. She is such a warm and welcoming person, knowledgable and enthusiastic. I thoroughly enjoyed her company.
— Donna D., Castle Rock, CO
Croatia: Istria and the Dalmatian Coast
We understand why Ingrid is such a highly-rated guide. She was delightful, well-organized, funny, knowledgable, and an all-around joy to be with. We would travel with her anywhere.
— Suzanne & Brady M., Friendswood, TX
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid is exceptional...the trip was fantastic and her leadership phenomenal!
— Karin E., Napa, CA
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid manages to be the perfect blend of superb trip leader and best friend. She makes the trip seem to be a visit with a long-time friend.
— Linda L., Dallas, TX
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid's thoroughness and competency is amazing. She was flexible when needed, but made sure the trip ran smoothly. I would travel with her again.
— Bruce N., Burr Ridge, IL
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid is top notch. She's very enthusiastic, caring, concerned, organized, knowledgeable, and a fun trip leader.
— Marcia A., Del Mar, CA
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
I have had several outstanding WT guides and Ingrid is certainly one of the best. She took extraordinary care to ensure each of us had a special experience.
— Karen J., Madison, WI
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid was a super leader, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to be with!
— Sandi M., Big Sky, MT
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid in simply one of the best. If we find she is leading a tour, we are going to consider it.
— Terry R., Milwaukee, WI
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid is a delightful leader and works to make sure everyone has a good trip. I would do another of her trips just to have her as a guide.
— Margaret M., Long Beach, CA
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid's planning and execution are as outstanding as her personal skills. We are looking forward to another trip with her.
— Peter R., Santa Clara, CA
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid was a joy to be around. She has a love of life and spirit of adventure that is infectious. To her, the world is a miracle and a wonder to be discovered, one little bit at a time.
— Fae E., Salt Lake City, UT
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid really made the trip superb. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and in depth knowledge of Slovenia were wonderful.
— Virginia B., Seattle, WA
Hiking in Slovenia
We thoroughly enjoyed Ingrid. She's a great guide and enjoys sharing her love for her country and the scenery, history, and food. She selected great hikes!
— Lorna D., Annandale, VA
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid exceeded all expectations for a tour guide with her extraordinary knowledge, enthusiasm, intelligence, engagement with participants, and leadership skills. She was wonderful.
— Ellen H., Santa Fe, NM
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid is a mind-bogglingly good guide! She is well organized, enthusiastic, personable, knowledgeable, and made each guest on the tour feel special. She is a pro at the top of her game.
— Bruce H., Santa Fe, NM
Hiking in Slovenia
Her passion for this area and her humor make an unbeatable combination. Attention to detail and a sense of fun led to so many favorite moments.
— Bonnie B., Bakersfield, CA
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Ingrid's passion for her country and knowledge of the place and its culture, made this a full Slovenian immersion trip. While the locales were striking, Ingrid brought them to life through her cultural and historical knowledge.
— Pam & Rod M., Steamboat Springs, CO
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid's love and knowledge of her native country was so apparent that she inspired us to feel likewise. An excellent organizer, she enabled our group to maximize every moment of our trip.
— Kathy and Jack M., Woodbridge, VA
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid excels in every respect. She has tremendous people skills, an extraordinary sense of humor, and she anticipates everyone's needs and concerns. She is also very knowledgeable about the geography and the history of the countries we visited. She is by far our favorite guide.
— Ellen F., Los Angeles, CA
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
This was probably my 13th trip with Wilderness, and Ingrid is clearly among my favorite leaders. She is knowledgeable, organized, friendly, and funny.
— Eliza S., Los Altos, CA
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
A top-notch guide, one of the best I have encountered. The trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable without her. Ingrid's expertise and care enhanced the overall experience ten-fold.
— Mary R., Ann Arbor, MI
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid was a pleasure to be around. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and fun, and she wants everyone to learn about and enjoy every part of the republics of the former Yugoslavia.
— Andy W., Oakland, CA
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Ingrid is a top notch professional, who in addition to knowing her stuff, has a real knack for dealing with people and situations.
— Natalie S., Howard, PA
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Ingrid Cercek is absolutely the best tour guide I have ever had! She is pure gold, and a premier representative of your organization.
— Charles R., Saint Louis, MO
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Ingrid has it all: humour, knowledge, experience, compassion, patience, and more.
— Alison D., Dallas, TX
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Ingrid really made the trip. Her enthusiasm, sense of fun, and love of her country really made it so much more memorable.
— Kim R., Seabrook, TX
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid was a wonderful leader. She found so many hidden surprises for us throughout the trip, and was very knowledgeable not only about the history of the area but almost every plant and flower. I would definitely travel with her again.
— Jen Y., Arlington, VA
Croatia: Istria and the Dalmatian Coast
I've been on 17 Wilderness trips and guides just don't get any better than Ingrid. She is smart, fun, thoughtful, and highly professional. I'd rank her among your very best.
— Betsy S., Boston, MA
Croatia: Istria and the Dalmatian Coast
Ingrid is an outstanding leader with a real talent for creating a good group dynamic. Her enthusiasm for the trip and her obvious competence were inspiring and reassuring!
— Penelope K., Aptos, CA
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Ingrid is The Best. We've traveled with her three times now and she never disappoints.
— Pat G., Golden, CO
Hiking in Macedonia and Albania
Fantastic leader! Extremely competent and great sense of humor. She worked hard to make sure everything flowed smoothly on this trip, and even if it hadn't, it STILL would have been fun! Impossible to imagine a bad day on a trip with a leader like Ingrid.
— Mary Jo B., Aurora, CO
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid was an excellent guide. Definitely among the best we've traveled with.
— Christel M., Milwaukee, WI
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid possessed all the right characteristics of a good guide—knowledge, humor, enthusiasm, and a desire to show the best of Slovenia. Having a guide who intimately knows the terrain makes the difference.
— Nancy B., Charlestown, MA
Hiking in Slovenia
Ingrid was wonderful. She was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about many areas of interest. What impressed me about her was her desire to learn more from each of the participants on the trip. FIRST CLASS TRIP LEADER!
— Ron K., Scottsdale, AZ
Croatia: Istria and the Dalmatian Coast
Ingrid is a wonderful person whose enthusiasm is contagious. She is thoughtful and understanding of the traveler's needs. A true gem!
— Lili H., Taos, NM
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
I loved Ingrid! She was extremely patient and knowledgeable, with an infectious enthusiasm and easy sense of humor. She is the perfect trip leader!
— John M., Houston, TX
Montenegro and the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid is absolutely one of your best guides. She went out of her way to make sure the trip was enjoyed by everyone. WT is lucky to have someone like Ingrid.
— M. J., Irvine
Ingrid is a true professional guide, so knowledgeable and proud of he country. She couldn’t have been more accommodating and was truly fun to be with. IT was a privilege to travel with her.
— J. D., Kailua, HI
In addition to sharing her knowledge of Slovenia and the mountains we were hiking in, and taking care of each of us, Ingrid has an extraordinary sense of humor and energy that made the trip a wonderful experience.
— E. F., Los Angeles CA
Ingrid was wonderful! She was caring, concerned and attentive to all details and most of all...FUN!
— Carol M., Hillsborough CA
Slovenia: Hiking in the Julian Alps
Ingrid is a wonderful person, whom I hope to meet again. She loves her country and shows that with enthusiasm. Very responsible and a lot of fun.
— Jon R., Hillsborough CA
Slovenia: Hiking in the Julian Alps
Ingrid Cercek is an awesome trip leader. She worked non-stop to make sure the trip went smoothly and was able to anticipate and cater to individual needs. She is really fun to be with and our group just loved her.
— Mary M., S. MN
Slovenia: Hiking in the Julian Alps
You are exceedingly fortunate to have Ingrid. She is one of the most well rounded guides I have ever had. A treasure, for sure.
— Barbara L., Coos Bay OR
Hiking Istria & the Islands of the Adriatic
Ingrid Cercek went beyond the expected to enure our enjoyment of the trip.
— Carolyn P., Strafford NH
Slovenia: Hiking in the Julian Alps
Ingrid is very skilled at interacting with each member of the group. She takes her job very seriously and was always concerned that we were enjoying ourselves.
— Martha Ann M., Comer GA
Slovenia: Hiking in the Julian Alps
Ingrid went beyond the excellent and expected—always. I'd follow her anywhere.
— Pat G., Golden CO
Slovenia: Hiking in the Julian Alps
Ingrid is a terrific leader. She took great care to make sure everyone had an extraordinary experience and was also a lot of fun to be with.
— Cheryl O., Bedford, MA
Montenegro & the Adriatic Coast
Ingrid was fun! She was an amazing Trip Leader and a great person. I loved having her as a guide and hope to stay in touch with her.
— Tiffany D., Nashville, TN
Croatia: Istria & the Dalmatian Coast