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Welcome to Our World of Adventure

When I launched Wilderness Travel’s first pioneering journeys back in 1978, little did I know that our new company would become a leader in what has become the “adventure travel” industry. Over thirty years later, my original conviction has proven to be true—that there are many kindred spirits out there who share our passion for exploring the most remote corners of the world.

As I continue Wilderness Travel’s stewardship, I’m pleased to report that almost 70% of our trip members each year are repeat travelers or direct referrals from past trip members—that’s a tremendous endorsement of the quality of our trips. We are extremely grateful for such loyalty, and we will continue to work hard to deserve it.

Wilderness Travel is a company of and for travelers. How we travel is as important to us as the places we go, and we are constantly searching for new adventures and finding ways to improve established trips. Throughout our history, we have also remained true to a principle of concentrating on the quality, design, and uniqueness of the trips, and, above all, on ensuring that we have the very best Trip Leaders to guide your way.

Our expert Trip Leaders come from all over the world and from all walks of life—they are naturalists, authors, ecologists, archaeologists, art historians, teachers, and mountaineers. Although their background and expertise may vary, they all share an abiding enthusiasm for guiding and a deep joy in introducing you to their favorite places, people, and behind-the-scenes spots that would be impossible to find on your own.

On our website, you’ll find more than 175 off-the-beaten-path journeys in 75 countries, from wildlife adventures to hiking odysseys to expedition cruises. There are many ways to travel with us: on our classic Small Group Adventures, our WT Expeditions: Rare Journeys and Exploratories, our Private Journeys, and our Cruise Collection.

I'm delighted to share our journeys with you, and feel confident that we have something that will appeal to your adventurous spirit. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Best wishes,

Bill Abbott