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West Spitsbergen & Polar Ice Edge aboard the Sea Spirit

Expedition cruise to the Norwegian Arctic island of Spitsbergen in search of boundless wildlife, including the mighty polar bear.

10 days from: $6495
Trip Level:
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Polar Bear Safari aboard the Ocean Adventurer or the Ocean Nova

Explore the natural beauty in Spitsbergen, a realm stunning fjords, immense glaciers, and a vast array of wildlife, on this expedition cruise that includes Longyearbyen, Norway.

9 days from: $5395
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Svalbard Region and Scoresby Sund aboard the Silver Explorer

Cruise from Tromso, Norway to Svalbard Island and Scoresby Sund, Greenland, in search of polar bears, walruses, and ancient settlements.

15 days from: $14,800
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Spitsbergen, Greenland, and Iceland aboard the Ocean Adventurer

A thrilling journey across the Arctic to the land of Vikings, fjords, and magnificent landscapes. Explore Greenland, Iceland, and Spitsbergen.

13 days from: $12,295
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Exploring the Coasts of Norway and Svalbard Aboard the Ocean Adventurer

Explore the coasts of Norway and Svalbard aboard a small ship vessel in the Arctic Circle.

17 days from: $11,980
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