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An Exploration of South Pacific Islands Aboard the Paul Gaugin

Voyage from Fiji to Bali exploring WWII landmarks and snorkeling and diving off remote islands including Vanuatu, Samarai Island, Thursday Island and Komodo.

17 days from: $7945
Trip Level:
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Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands aboard the Spirit of Enderby

Explore the wonders of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands on this wonderfully varied cruise with active options and fantastic birding opportunities.

14 days from: $6995
Trip Level:
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An Epic Island Adventure Aboard the Island Sky

Snorkel, dive, and hike along the shores of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu while exploring their cultures, marine life, seabirds, and villages.

18 days from: $14,480
Trip Level:
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Cruising Through Melanesia aboard the Caledonian Sky

Voyage to Papua New Guinea and explore its diverse landscapes and cultures.

17 days from: $13,980
Trip Level:
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An Epic World Tour from Ushuaia to Tromso

Be among the first to tour the world on a 167-day Expedition World Cruise. Savor life aboard the most luxurious ice-class vessel as you sail from the southern to northern hemisphere, with visits to 30 countries and 107 ports.

167 days from: $99,000
Trip Level:

Extend your adventure! The Trip Extensions listed below can be added on to any of our Small Group Adventures or Private Journeys to lengthen and customize your trip. See the “Best Trip Matches” tab on each page below to find itineraries that pair well.

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Exploring the Karawari River and Mountain Villages of Papua New Guinea

On this extension in Papua New Guinea, cruise along the Karawari River to view crocodiles, search for unique flora and fauna, including blue, superb and king of Saxony birds of paradise, and see traditional village life and customs.

11 days from: $8480
Trip Level: