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Coral Reefs, Tropical Reef Fish, and Komodo Dragons

Experience some of the top snorkeling on the planet with this 11 day small ship and yacht adventure.

11 days from: $6695
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Across Indonesia's Far-flung Islands aboard the Silver Discoverer

Trace an arc across Indonesia’s far-flung island archipelagos as you travel on an enchanting voyage of myth and magic. You'll explore such places as Komodo Island and Papua New Guinea's Asmat region, and discover fascinating traditions of remote island cultures.

17 days from: $13,300
Trip Level:
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An Exploration of South Pacific Islands Aboard the Paul Gaugin

Voyage from Fiji to Bali exploring WWII landmarks and snorkeling and diving off remote islands including Vanuatu, Samarai Island, Thursday Island and Komodo.

17 days from: $7945
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In the Wake of the Makassans aboard the Coral Adventurer

Journey from Darwin, Australia into lesser-known islands of Indonesia where traditional cultures thrive. Snorkel, dive, and trek while learning about the ancient Makassans.

16 days from: $11,990
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