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The Best Active Voyage in Antarctica
Aboard the Ortelius or Plancius

A thrilling adventure cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula! Kayak in polar waters, snowshoe to the Antarctic foothills, and even spend a night on the ice under the Antarctic sky.

12 days from: $7950
Trip Level:
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Ice Cap Hike, Viking Fjords Cruise, Icebergs, and Musk Ox Safari

Explore Greenland's spectacular glacier and fjord landscapes on foot and by boat, from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat.

8 days from: $5895
Trip Level:
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An Arctic Voyage in Search of the Aurora Borealis aboard the Ocean Nova

On this voyage to Greenland, you'll experience one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas on Earth, home to iceberg-choked fjords, towering mountains of rock and snow, valleys rich in iconic wildlife, and the world’s most colorful sky.

10 days from: $6695
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From the Lofoten Islands North to Tromsø

On this adventure above the Arctic Circle in the Lofotens, learn about Viking culture, meet reindeer herders, track whales at sea, savor amazing seafood, and kayak under the midnight sun.

9 days from: $6895
Trip Level: