st clair national park tasmania

Coastal Hikes and Great Lodges in a Magnificent Land Down Under

Natural history adventures in Tasmania: rainforest and mountain hikes, bushwalks in national parks, exotic wildlife from wallaby to wombat, wild beaches, vineyard visits, and charming accommodations.

11 days from: $6295
Trip Level:
australia kimberley waterfall

A Voyage to the Outback aboard the Coral Discoverer

This Western Australia expedition aboard a small ship takes you to the Kimberley, one of the most remote and captivating regions on earth.

15 days from: $14,580
Trip Level:
papua new guinea hawksbill turtle coral reef

An Exploration of South Pacific Islands Aboard the Paul Gaugin

Voyage from Fiji to Bali exploring WWII landmarks and snorkeling and diving off remote islands including Vanuatu, Samarai Island, Thursday Island and Komodo.

17 days from: $11,095
Trip Level:
indonesia komodo view of padar island

In the Wake of the Makassans aboard the Coral Adventurer

Journey from Darwin, Australia into lesser-known islands of Indonesia where traditional cultures thrive. Snorkel, dive, and trek while learning about the ancient Makassans.

16 days from: $11,990
Trip Level:
australia tasmania woman at wineglass bay view

Exploring Tasmania's Rugged Coast aboard the Coral Discoverer

This expedition cruise is a rare adventure into the wilderness, showcasing the rugged coastal beauty and World Heritage Listed National Parks of Tasmania, Australia’s island state.

8 days from: $4990
Trip Level:
australia ningaloo zegrahm whaleshark snorkel

Snorkeling Western Australia's Reefs and Islands aboard the Coral Discoverer

Small-ship cruise along Australia's western coast, including snorkeling adventures at Ningaloo, Clerke, and Imperieuse reefs.

15 days from: $14,500
Trip Level: