china guizhou province ceremony masks

Ancient Cultures & Magnificent Landscapes

In Southwest China, discover exquisite Guizhou Province, a hidden realm of ancient Ming, Old Han, and Miao villages and misty valleys dotted with spirit shrines. Enjoy village-to-village hikes and rare cultural opportunities.

10 days from: $5995
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india tibetan plateau ladakh women traditional dress

Discover the Hidden World of “Little Tibet”

Explore Ladakh, often called “Little Tibet,” the remote mountain province of northern India with a unique Tibetan culture and breathtaking landscapes dotted with ancient hilltop monasteries.

12 days from: $5695
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india mumbai harbor taj majal hotel boats

A journey by rail through Southern India aboard the Deccan Odyssey

Explore Southern India by rail from Mumbai to Hyderbad with tours of ancient sites, sophisticated cities, and overnights at a seaside resort and palace hotels.

15 days from: $15,295
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india rajasthan camels

Romantic Rajasthan, Land of Princes

Explore with your own private guide in the ancient cities of Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaipur as well as fabulously preserved Moghul capital of Fatehpur Sikri, then enjoy sunrise over the glorious Taj Mahal in Agra.

10 days from: $6995
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south india chennai temple

Enchanting Temples, Rich Cultures, and Undiscovered Treasures of India’s Vibrant South

With your private guide, discover the ancient Buddhist caves of Ellora and Ajanta, the exquisite temples of Madurai, the tropical waterways of Kerala aboard a private houseboat, and the ancient trading port of Kochi.

11 days from: $5795
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japan okayama castle on the asahi river

Treasures of Feudal Japan

On this wonderful cultural adventure in Japan, explore the majestic Himeji Castle, the ancient town of Kurashiki, the samurai streets and traditional potters of Hagi, and the exquisite walking trails of Kumano Kodo, where we’ll join pilgrims on thousand-year-old forest paths.

14 days from: $8495
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japanese macaques winter japan

Wildlife and Cultural Adventure in a Wintery World

Experience the wonders of Japan with this winter adventure in Hokkaido. See the snow monkeys, winter cranes, and the Sapporo Snow Festival.

11 days from: $9295
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kyoto geisha kimono bamboo forest

From Matsue to Takayama, with a Cherry Blossom Festival

Cultural walking adventure: teahouses and gardens of Kyoto, mountain town of Takayama, Matsue's feudal castle, overnights in charming ryokans.

14 days from: $9395
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mongolia traditional clothing musicians yurts

Land of Genghis Khan

Discover the inspiring landscapes of Mongolia, from the legendary Gobi Desert to the vast steppes of the heart of Mongolia, visit thriving Buddhist monasteries, ride horses (and camels!), and experience the hospitality of traditional nomads.

11 days from: $7095
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nepal mustang goat herd stupa lo manthang

Cliff Villages, Cave Temples, and a Tibetan Buddhist Festival

Journey into Nepal's Tibetan region of Mustang, a once-forbidden kingdom, where we hike through otherworldly landscapes, witness the colorful Tiji festival, and see 15th century murals in Mustang's ancient monasteries.

16 days from: $7495
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