Adventures in the Isles of Happiness

Repertory Trip: No Future Dates Set

Client Comments

Wonderfully efficient, action-packed trip! In less than two weeks I got to swim through world-class coral reefs, dive from a massive banyan tree rope swing into glowing crystal blue water, marvel at the exotic culture of the land divers, float down a gorgeous canyon river buried in a lush forest, follow playful dugongs around the ocean bay, and tremble with the earth while gazing into a spewing volcanic magma lake. Whew! And those are just a few of the highlights. Amazing fun!
— Mark L., Vestuvia, AL
We always had something exciting to do! Lots of great snorkeling, interesting trips to kastom villages, kayaking, Nangol, Mount Yasur, great trip leader and traveling companions. What more can I say?
— Maggie G., Tupper Lake, NY
Not a trip where you would expect excellent food and accommodations, but both were fantastic.
— Chris K., Boulder, CO
I loved the mix of cultural activities (watching the land-diving and the Melanesian feast), and nature-based adventures (like Millennium Cave and Yasur Volcano).
— Inge K., Concord, MA
I loved it! The land diving felt like I was seeing something on National Geographic firsthand; standing on the rim of the caldera of an active volcano is other worldly; I loved the float/bouldering down the river. And the snorkeling was just amazing!
— Janet F., Garden Grove, CA