Alaska: Journey to Sitka

By Historic Vessel, with Kayaking, Hiking, and Cultural Encounters

Client Comments

The food was amazing, staff's knowledge incredible, and we saw many amazing things! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone wanting to travel in this area.
— Margaret H., Tucson, AZ
The trip of a lifetime! We got to experience Alaska in ways that most people never will. The beautifully maintained historical boat provided an experience in itself just to sail on her. She's stable and comfortable. The crew and trip leaders are uniformly excellent in everything they do. Special mention should go to Tracie, the chef, who somehow produced a 5-star meal at every sitting.
— Sheri G., Mountain View, CA
One of our best trips ever, and the ship's chef is unbelievably skilled! Our Trip Leader was always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. An absolutely marvelous trip.
— Robert B., Taos, NM
I can't praise the captain, cook, and naturalist enough! And, though not a boat person, I fell in love with "Westward." The scenery was breathtaking, and the numerous, extended sightings of whales, porpoises, bears, seals, sea lions, bald eagles, and otters was beyond my wildest dreams. It was comfortable, relaxed, exciting, educational, and fun—terrific! I got back rested and excited with my energy restored, my interest in Alaska piqued, and lots and lots of superb photographs. The other people on the trip were a pleasure to be with.
— Olga H., Princeton, NJ
The food by was absolutely outstanding—it was like dining every day in a three star restaurant. Captain Bill is an wonderful guy with great stories. He was able to navigate the many icebergs and got our small vessel right to the head of the Dawson Glacier!
— Loren P., Princeton, NJ
The quality of the food was exceptional—many dishes could have been served at Michelin-starred restaurants.
— Michael K., Northfield, IL
We loved the Westward. The ship is very comfortable. The Food was AMAZING—best food I have ever experienced on any trip as to taste, healthfulness, and quantity. Tracie Triolo is a magician in the small onboard kitchen, and grows small herbs and greens on top. My family ate all kinds of things for the first time and loved every bite!
— Beth B., San Diego, CA
The trip exceeded my expectations. The captain and his crew provided a welcoming, meaningful, and pleasurable experience.
— Florence W., Centennial, CO
The trip exceeded our expectations. The knowledge and experience of the entire crew helped to ensure that we got the best wildlife and nature experience possible.
— David W., Centennial, CO
One of the best, most memorable trips ever! The crew of 3 were very compatible, interactive, and efficient, and they encouraged intimacy among all 8 passengers. Gourmet food, so much information, and knowledge about the area! Experience of a lifetime!
— Ruth B., Portland, OR
This is the only way to really experience Alaska and meet its people. The food was incredible, the boat a classic, and our naturalist was wonderfully knowledgeable, whether we were kayaking, hiking, or whale watching! It was a magical and soulful way to see the inside passage just as John Muir saw it.
— Ed R., Tampa, FL