Tonga: Swimming with Humpback Whales

In the Remote Tropical Ha’apai Islands

Client Comments

Amazing. We had a wonderful experience swimming with the whales—each interaction did not disappoint. The snorkeling was terrific and it was a great blend of both snorkeling and whale encounters. We were always busy doing something.
— Karen S., Gilmanton, NH
The experience was one of the top ten of my life. Unbeatable!
— Sally R., Dillsburg, PA
Swimming with the Humpbacks of Ha'apai
A life event for sure. Swimming with Humpback whales is a rare, humbling, and thrilling experience.
— Deborah D., Delray Beach, FL
The itinerary was well designed and flexible. Plenty of time swimming with the whales and enough time to spend with the others, snorkeling, beach combing or just relaxing at your fala. We had perfect tropical weather. The Sandy Beach Resort was a comfortable small resort with a laid-back atmosphere. The staff were all most accommodating and friendly. The food was excellent and plated like you were at an upscale restaurant. There was also a never-ending supply of homemade potato crisps during happy hour. Lunch and snacks were provided on the boat every day and we had a traditional Tongan feast. Great trip!
— Maggie G., Tupper Lake, NY
A once in a lifetime experience to interact with the whales.
— Bill B., Highland Park, IL
Swimming with whales is a once in lifetime experience. We were lucky enough to have two great days in which the whales were accessible—fantastic!
— Shelly A., New Haven, CT
The highlight of the trip was snorkeling with the humpbacks, as anticipated, and we were not disappointed.
— Larry M., Louisville, KY
A very well designed itinerary, with plenty of time swimming with the whales..couldn't get enough of that! The time with the whales was the highlight of the trip.
— Jeanne S., Charlotte, NC
Snorkeling with the whales was spectacular. We also enjoyed getting to know the Tonga locals. The trip was everything we’d hoped for and more.
— Pam R., University Place, WA
Snorkeling with the whales was an incredible, indescribable experience.
— Hila L., Falmouth, MA
The experience of swimming with the whales was wonderful—it was a fabulous lifetime event!
— Robin K., Katy, TX
A very well-organized and well-run trip. Snorkeling with the whales is one of my great lifetime experiences! Just awesome.
— Rick L., Falmouth, MA
We loved every minute of the trip.
— Kathleen G., Overton, NV