Southern Tanzania: Off the Beaten Path

A World-Class Safari in Undiscovered National Parks with Goodluck Urassa

Goodluck Urassa

Goodluck Kilesi Urassa, known as Urassa, is a member of the Meru tribe from the southern slopes of Mount Meru, near Arusha. He knew from an early age that he wanted to become a safari guide, and after attending Mount Meru Tour Guiding College, he entered the profession, rising through the positions of camp crew, support vehicle driver, assistant guide, and now safari guide. His interests include mammal behavior, a particular favorite, and ornithology, a close second. Urassa gives back to his community by doing environmental work in his home area, for example, planting indigenous trees with school children on the slopes of Mount Meru, and educating them about environmental issues. Urassa has a keen spotter's eye, a love of the bush, and a wit and gentle manner that make him a great safari companion.  He lives near his home village with his wife Stella and his three children.

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Client Testimonials

Urassa was an extraordinary trip leader! He made our trip special and one that we will never forget. He made our group feel very close and we had so much fun learning about the animals and Tanzania as a whole. I cannot say enough about his knowledge and skills in the bush. He's the best!
— Jody C., Huntington Beach, CA
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Urassa was awesome! Extremely knowledgeable, professional, personable, attentive to each and everyone of us. He truly wanted to optimize our experience and sightings in Tanzania...and he excelled.
— Pamela S., Culver City, CA
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Urassa was a kind and gentle soul, with deep care for the environment and an eagle eye for spotting animals (especially cats in trees). We learned a lot about the culture of Tanzania from him, and appreciated the time spent together.
— Steve D., Danville, CA
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Urassa was amazing. Great sense of humor, smart, passionate about everything Tanzania!
— Diana S., Carlsbad, CA
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
Urassa was outstanding in every way. We could not have had a more professional, nicer guide. He put all efforts in making sure we had the best experience possible and we did.
— Iris B., Calabasas, CA
Tanzania: The Great Migration Safari
We found Urasse very engaging. He is smart, kind, a great animal finder. I won't soon forget this man.
— Jill W., Gaston, OR
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Urassa is a gentle soul with extensive knowledge of the African wildlife and a natural curiosity for new things.
— Jane A., Cockeysville, MD
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
This man is a diamond, one of the truly nicest people we have ever met in all of our 10 WT trips. He was gentle, smart, helpful, and clearly talented. His people skills are superior, and his knowledge of the animals and birds was extensive and easily shared.
— Sid L., Hillsborough, NC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Urassa was outstanding. Sweet, kind, knowledgeable, and determined to make each day special and eventful.
— Diane K., Birmingham, MI
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
This man is a gem! He is an intelligent, gentle, friendly man, interested in each guest and attentive to the needs and interests of all. He is an excellent wildlife guide and persistent ‘spotter’—his presence and leadership made the trip for us.
— Alice L., Hillsborough, NC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Urassa was wonderful—great personality, interesting to talk to, great sense of humor, easy manner with people, knowledgeable.
— John and Debbi W., Chapel Hill, NC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
I cannot speak highly enough of Urassa. He is a born leader. His knowledge, love of his country, quiet manner, and sense of humor helped make our trip the incredible experience that it was.
— Susie M., Raleigh, NC
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
What a great guide! Smart, thoughtful. knowledgeable...I felt totally safe and well taken care of.
— Katherine H., Berkeley, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Urassa is approachable, gentle and caring as a guide, and shares information freely about the environment so the listener gains a deeper understanding about the life cycles, habits of wildlife and insects, and their interdependence.
— Diane K., Berkeley, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari
Urassa is a wonderful and kind man. He was a pleasure to be around, so helpful and giving.
— Barbara B., Mountain View, CA
Serengeti Wildlife Safari