Cook Islands and Society Islands

Cruise from Tahiti to the Cook Islands Aboard the Paul Gauguin


Shore Excursions on board Paul Gauguin Cruises
Please note that shore excursions are not included in the cost of your cruise.  Paul Gauguin Cruises offers a variety of shore excursions in each port you visit with the cost ranging from $50-$300 each.  (Average cost is around $125 depending on the island and activity).  Should you wish to participate in any organized tour, you will be able to pre-book shore excursions 60 days prior to cruise departure.  However, there is no pressure to join any organized excursion.  There are taxis and cars available to rent in most islands and the ship generally docks close enough to town so that you can walk around on your own.  Payment for shore excursions are added to your shipboard account and settled at the end of your cruise.

Paul Gauguin also offers SCUBA diving on many islands you will visit.  If you are not already a certified diver but have always wanted to try SCUBA, diving certification (and refresher courses) are offered onboard. Please call for more details.