Great Alpine Traverse

Five Countries—on foot!

Client Comments

This is an outstanding trip for anyone wanting an introductory tour of the Alps in Europe. The trip gives a broad overview of the beautiful countries in which to travel and hike.
— Michelle J., Irvine, CA
Challenging hiking, great food and wine—what more could you ask for?
— Sandy C., Ridgway, CO
This is a rigorous, on-the-move trip, but the leaders, hikes, and views, make it worthwhile. To experience the Alps ‘up close and personal,’ this is the ultimate adventure trip.
— Deborah T., Napa, CA
This trek surpassed our expectations in every respect. It was to be the trip of a lifetime for us and Wilderness delivered! The hotel selections were superb, easily the best in class in every location. We had a great van to transfer when necessary, and the the mix of cable lifts, train, etc. made getting from point A to point B effortless. The nighttime camaraderie at dinner was lively and all of the personalities seemed to gel as the trek progressed. The food and drink was extraordinarily good and we had no trouble replacing the calories burned that day. Our trip leader made sure we were always well prepared for the hikes and this contributed greatly to our confidence level.
— Frank C., Houston, TX
The Alps have always been our favorite. This trip exceeded our expectations.
— Marwan B., San Jose, CA
This was an incredible and challenging experience for me. I loved the physical, mental, and emotional satisfaction this trip provided. It was fun!
— Patricia O., Santa Rosa, CA
I have wanted to do this trip for years! It really was an amazing trip on so many levels, and I just loved it. The beauty, the small villages, our guides, and the hiking itself were memorable and special.
— Laurie N., San Anselmo, CA
Amazing—an incredible mix of experiences and scenery, well designed, scouted, planned, and coordinated. It exceeded expectations and I loved every moment!
— George C., Fair Oaks, CA
Excellent doesn't begin to express my joy of this trip. My biggest complaint is I can't stop dreaming about it at night, and it wakes me up!
— Linda S., Novato, CA
A super trip...spectacular scenery, guides with lots of experience and good leadership skills, wonderful variety of transportation, delicious regional food, and memories to last a lifetime!
— Rollie A., Fort Collins, CO
This was such an incredible trip! I cannot describe how wonderful the leaders, participants, itinerary, and the entire experience was. The best travel experience I have ever had!
— Sara H., Calabasas, CA
Fantastic all around. Incredible itinerary design. Great food. Loved the variety of hikes, transportation, and lodging. Fabulous guides, fun fellow clients. One of the best trips ever!
— Kate F., Santa Monica, CA
What a great itinerary! The scenery, sights, and diverse areas made it a fantastic trip.
— Lisa D., Long Beach, CA
Excellent does not come close to describing my experiences on this trip. The Alps are truly spectacular, but seeing them and experiencing them with Mike and James and Tony made it an extraordinary trip for me.  It was the best time of my life!
— Susan I., Boulder, CO
Great group and excellent guides, incredible scenery and excellent weather. A recipe for an excellent trip.
— Robert M., Santa Paula, CA
A fabulous trip. Amazing hikes, wonderful leaders. A really top notch trip!
— Victoria O., Boulder, CO
The trip leaders, splendid hiking trails, fine choreography of the trip itinerary, regional cuisines, and mix of accommodations (from luxury hotels to spectacularly located mountain lodges) made for a wonderful travel experience.
— Barbara and Don T., Windsor, Ontario
As my 21st WT trip, I rate this near the top of all time favorites (my favorite being the one where I met my husband!). It had it all—a variety of nice hiking trails, picturesque hamlets and villages scattered through five European countries, an assortment of activities, local cuisine, and nice provincial hotels with lots of character. The 'perfect' trip!
— Diane S., Vista, CA
A wonderful trip and terrific introduction to the local culture, history, and breathtaking natural beauty of the Alps!
— Paul P., South Deerfield, MA
A spectacular trip! Great hiking every day, often at altitude and always beautiful, and everything perfectly planned and executed. This trip really delivered. I loved every minute! I have traveled extensively and this was one of my best trips ever!
— Nancy F., New York, NY
I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants an overview of these countries and who enjoys a good workout at the same time! It was physically challenging, but not overly so. The scenery was magnificent and the camaraderie was great.
— Joan P., South Deerfield, MA
This is the best value for the money we have ever received for a tour. We will certainly be looking at WT in the future for other trips.
— Rich and Nancy G., Lester Prairie, Minnesota
This trip was over-the-top on hiking and luxury—you don’t often have both. The countries were glorious, the guides were tops.
— Teresa M., Parker, CO
The Great Alpine Traverse was the best trip I've ever experienced! Everything was perfect—choice of hikes, food, hotels, sightseeing—you name it—it was great!!!
— Theresa L., Denver, CO

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