Pilgrim's Way

Ancient Trails and Paradors of Northern Spain’s Camino de Santiago


Here are the Trip Leaders scheduled for this journey (please note that leader assignments are subject to change).

Atela david

David Atela

Departure Dates: May 25-June 2, 2021, June 7-15, 2021, September 7-15, 2021

David Atela, a graduate of the Universidad del País Vasco in northern Spain’s Basque country, has written several guidebooks on the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, and has studied the geology and ecology of many of Spain’s mountain regions. He has ...

Azkorra katia

Katia Azkorra

Katia Azkorra hails from Spain’s Basque Country, where she earned her degree in art and found painting to be one of her passions. She has also lived in Scotland, where she moved to teach art activities to children, but the Basque world called her back and she ...

Bejarano santiago

Santiago Bejarano

Santiago Bejarano trained in Environmental Sciences in his native Ecuador and began his guiding career by bringing visitors to the jungle and highlands of Ecuador and the storied Galapagos Islands, where he worked as a naturalist. He later moved to Britain, where he ...

Blanco haya

Haya Blanco

Haya was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1984, and has been in love with all things Galician ever since. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca and Pontevedra, and after three years working in Berlin as an artistic resident, she returned to Galicia ...

De benedictis irene

Irene De Benedictis

Originally from Rome, Irene began traveling at the age of 17, and has lived in various countries including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, and Finland. Her love of different cultures and languages (she knows seven!), paired with her love for pilgrimages (she walked ...

Gibert marian

Marian Gibert

Departure Dates: September 14-22, 2021, September 24-October 2, 2021

Marian Gibert has been a world traveler from a young age. She was born in Bilbao, Spain, grew up in Venezuela, and later lived in Britain, where she studied Business Administration at Cambridge. She also lived and worked in a resort in the Swiss Alps, picking up the ...

Raczkowski patricia

Patricia Raczkowski

Departure Dates: May 4-12, 2021, June 7-15, 2021, September 24-October 2, 2021

Patricia Raczkowski was born in Canada of a Spanish mother and Polish father and has lived in Spain since she was ten months old. Her first taste of the mountains came in high school, when she went on monthly hikes with the nuns from her school in Madrid, and she ...