Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Hiking the Outer Hebrides and Isle of Skye

Client Comments

We enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the storyteller, piper, weaver, and artist. Those were good chances to experience the local culture one on one and something we might have missed if we were on our own.
— Jim R., San Diego, CA
I loved the trip. The scenery was spectacular. The guides took us on amazing hikes I never would have planned or found on my own.
— Herbert G., Knoxville, TN
An outstanding trip, start to finish. We especially loved the variety of hikes; the terrains were so different and interesting. The other highlight was the constant parade of Scottish figures that we were introduced to. From the storyteller to the weaver to the artist to the accordian player, they were a delight and we learned so much from them; they added a huge cultural dimension. The whole trip was totally up to WT standards, as usual, and Glencoe House was over the top amazing. Thank you!
— Nancy and Tom F., Sarasota, FL
This was an excellent trip with a creative, well-planned itinerary that minimized the amount of time in travel, yet covered quite a bit of territory and offered great hiking opportunities throughout. The food and restaurant selections were excellent, with a focus on local cuisine, and the Glencoe House in particular was nothing short of amazing!
— Clarissa M., Tucson, AZ
Great itinerary. The variety of accommodations was excellent. The Glencoe House was an amazing way to finish the trip. What an experience!
— Richard H., Durham, NH
What a wonderful area of the world. It was great to meet so many of the locals and be introduced to weavers, shepherds, and archaeologists.
— Barry W., Elkins, NH
A wonderful trip and an excellent and varied way to see all the variations of the beauty of Scotland, from woodlands and lochs to windswept grass dunes and beaches, to majestic mountainous glory...plus the towns, restaurants, and inns gave us the perfect amount of comfort at the end of every exerting day!
— Elizabeth H., Key Largo, FL
The trip exceeded my expectations. The trip leaders as well as the other clients made it an exceptional experience.
— Tom N., Pittsburgh, PA
Superb trip, great itinerary, tremendous variety!
— David M., Portola Valley, CA
Scotland was a destination we had been hoping Wilderness would bring back and you did, but with an even better itinerary! Just spectacular scenery and a wonderful guide.
— Carol L., Kalispell, MT
A wonderful trip that I would do again.
— Bob S., Half Moon Bay, CA
This is my 8th trip with Wilderness Travel and is the best trip yet.
— Jim G., Mercer Island, WA
A beautiful country, wonderful hikes, and great trip leaders.
— Kim S., Half Moon Bay, CA
This was my 5th Wilderness Travel trip and it rates #1! VERY engaging itinerary and the best group leader team I've experienced. I hope that future Wilderness Travel clients can have as satisfying an experience and as much fun as I did.
— Lew G., Mercer Island, WA

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