South Luanga National Park and Parc Nacional des Volcans

Trip Level

The Zambia portion of the journey is an active safari featuring bush walking, a mix of moderate cross-country walks and hikes off trail, supplemented by game drives. Participants must be agile, in good health, and in good shape. In Rwanda, the hikes to see the mountain gorillas can last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours over moderately steep, thickly forested, and uneven terrain, and the climate will be hot and humid. Gorilla tracking will occasionally feel strenuous as you hike uphill to follow the gorilla clans, but there are rest breaks along the way.  The shape you’re in will be an important factor in your enjoyment of these hikes.


Zambia lies on a wide plateau at about 3,000 feet, with the Zambezi and its tributaries (the Luangwa and Kafue) cutting deep valleys into the edges of the plateau. Although Zambia is in the tropics, the altitude of the plateau ensures that the climate is generally less hot than in surrounding countries. Average summer temperatures range between 77°F to 95°F. May to August is the cooler dry season, and temperatures can get as low as 50°F at night.

Rwanda has a temperate tropical highland climate, with lower temperatures than are typical for equatorial countries due to its high elevation. Kigali, in the center of the country, has a typical daily temperature range between 54°F and 81°F with little variation through the year.

Choosing the Right Trip

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