ship north pole

North Pole

The Ultimate Arctic Adventure aboard the 50 Years of Victory

50 Years of Victory

The 128-passenger 50 Years of Victory, the world’s largest and most sophisticated nuclear-powered icebreaker, carries the highest ice class rating possible, with the ability to crush ice up to 10 feet thick. On board the ship, you hardly feel a thing, yet the sound of mammoth slabs of ice colliding with the hull is absolutely unforgettable. An onboard helicopter extends the vessel’s ability to reach remote ice-locked Arctic islands en route from the North Pole, and a fleet of Zodiacs bring you up-close and personal with Arctic wildlife, icebergs, and more. Each cabin has exterior views and private facilities, and public areas include a gym, two saunas, small swimming pool, and library.

Our Trips using this Lodging

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