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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Ultimate Hiking Adventure to a Legendary Lost City

Client Comments

This trip had it all—cultural, hiking, history, food—it's a great program. Everything worked very well. Keep up the good work!
— Kathleen W., Pittsburgh, PA
I've been on other organized treks, kayak trips, and bike trips, all of which I thought were very good to excellent—but this trip topped them all!
— Mary Anne R., Hansville, WA
Every aspect of this trip exceeded my expectations. Wilderness Travel's attention to both the big and small things made this an amazing ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.
— Janine T., Vancouver, Canada
It has been a life-long dream to see Machu Picchu this way. The itinerary, the camping arrangements, the hiking schedule, and most of all the skill, patience, dedication, and knowledge of the leader made this challenging trip a success for all participants.
— Candace S., Palo Alto, CA
I've been on several WT trips—all of which were great— but this one was the most memorable. The guide, porters, crew, and all arrangements were spectacular.
— Pam M., Annapolis, MD
The tripwas AWESOME, FANTASTIC, UNBELEVEABLE, BEAUTIFUL, everything and more as advertised in your catalogue. Jhon was a GREAT guide, caring, supportive, knowledgeable, and very patient, not enough can be said about him and as for the porters, they made the trip possible, they were always smiling and so pleasant to be around. Everyone has been asking who we went with and all three of us all say the same thing—you'd be nuts to go with anybody but Wilderness Travel!
— Mike S., Vero Beach, FL
This was the best trip my husband and I have taken. The quality of everything was so high, we were taken care of so well, and the itinerary was perfectly designed and executed to avoid the crowds—even at Machu Picchu itself! I loved it all.
— Wendy P., Carlsbad, CA
This trip surprised me in all respects—the quality and variety of the food, the comfort of the camps and having everything set up completely before we arrived, and the helpfulness of the porters. All were top notch and I do a LOT of treks and trips!
— Karen O., Acton, MA
Top-notch experience in every way! This is an incredible "bucket list" type of trip. From start to finish, all details were coordinated far and above what any traveler could expect. From the first moment of arrival in Peru, there was a coordinated effort to make sure to assist us and ensure our adventure was smooth. The trip itself is unforgettable and anyone who is thinking about wanting to challenge themselves could consider it. The hotel choices were excellent—far and above "regular." We chose to stay elsewhere the first and final night of the trip, but recommendations to a nearby hotel were perfect, and that location was also excellent. I was impressed with the quality of service, the number of people devoted to our trip group, and to the constant focus to make sure we were enjoying the trip, safe, well-taken care of, well-fed, and comfortable. Our trail chef was AMAZING! He managed to create incredible meals each day that just floored us. And a special thank you goes to him, as somehow he made a cake to mark my birthday—while at 12K feet, in a tent—with frosting and everything! WOW! So impressive to see how the crew pulled this off!
— Julia Y., Chico, CA
This is a fabulous trip. The itinerary is well-planned to avoid the hiking crowds—I was amazed at how few people we saw along the way. I was especially impressed by the great meals that the camping staff cooked from a little tent!
— Julie H., Berkeley, CA
Logistics were terrific, the food excellent (especially on the trail), and the equipment was just right—this was one of the best trips we have ever taken. We have travelled and lived in many parts of the world and I can honestly say this was one of the very best experiences we have had. Thank you!
— Julie S., Granville, OH
I would recommend this trip very highly. The careful attention to details of timing and placement of camps enabled us to see the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu without hundreds of other trekkers and made the trip truly memorable and special.
— Mandy D., Cook, Australia
Everything was top notch! I would recommend this trip to anyone, at any time.
— Sharon C., San Mateo, CA
I have had the Inca Trail trek on my wish list for ten years or so and don't think I could have signed up for a better trip! I am very happy that my trek to Machu Picchu was organized and conducted by Wilderness Travel. Everything was well thought out down to the last details. The hike itself was very well planned to allow for acclimatization and to avoid almost all of the other hikers on the trail. (I believe we saw the trekkers only once, and that was at a snack stop.)
— Mark O., Ely, IA
It was fantastic. To be on the Inca Trail, and not get sick, hungry, or see other hikers until the entrance to Machu Picchu is extraordinary.
— Jeanne V., Mc Lean, VA
I can't say enough about the support crew who took care of us along the trail. The camp was always set up and clean, the food was great, and the cook was very respectful of my gluten-free needs.
— Lauri P., Hanover, IL
We had an incredible experience and Wilderness Travel made a huge difference in making that happen.
— Lauri P., Hanover, IL
A trip of a lifetime, done just the way it should be done. We saw first hand, relative to other outfits, why Wilderness Travel is #1!
— John V., Carlisle, MA
One of the best trips I have ever been on, well organized for our enjoyment as well as health and safety.
— Steve B., Santa Barbara, CA
Kudos to WT for providing us with a unique, high quality, world class experience. The trip was perfectly designed and executed by the entire WT team. I had set high expectations for this trip and WT exceeded them in every way.
— Steve O., Cedar Rapids, IA
Super trip—both the cultural days in and around Cuzco and the Inca Trail. WT's unique way of doing the Inca Trail with its own campsites and varying the start times to reduce the experience of crowdedness is fantastic and staying one night in the Sanctuary Lodge makes the whole Machu Picchu experience even more incredible! Our guide and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, capable, and enjoyable. I highly recommend the Inca Trail trip with WT!
— Bruce F., Berkeley, CA
This is a trip I will never forget—an experience of a lifetime. I feel so honored to have experienced this with Wilderness Travel and I cannot wait to book my next travel experience with you!
— Barbara K., San Jose, CA
A memorable trip, great organization and leaders, wonderful country, history and experiences beyond the hiking.
— Kris R., Holden, ME
This Inca Trail to Machu Picchu trip was truly one of the best adventures I have ever done. Not my first trip to Peru and certainly not my last.
— Eva S., Sedewaing, MI
Superb trip! Just loved it. The Andes is such a rich area. Natural beauty (mountains, interesting flora and fauna) and such a strong cultural history make for a great trip. And when combined with an excellent leader and support team, the combination is unbeatable.
— Russell M., Granger, IN
As per usual, WT out-did themselves.
— Terry E., Santa Rosa, CA
Amazing trip, everything was beyond perfect. Thank you so much!
— Kate V., Danville, CA
The entire trip from start to finish was seamless. Every concern had already been thought about, and all you had to do was be in the moment and enjoy Peru.
— Kate V., Danville, CA
It was a dream come true! I have always wanted to hike the Inca Trail but I never imagined that it would be so much fun and that I would learn so much about the Incan culture.
— Laurie K., Edina, MN
This was a great experience and a trip of a lifetime. The hike was everything I expected and more. And I can't say enough about our trip leaders—they made the trip the success it was with their incredible enthusiasm and character.
— Sally G., Joliet, IL
It exceeded my expectations. I have never traveled this way and it was so uncomplicated and enjoyable! Now I am spoiled.
— Leslie S., Reno, NV
Surpassed my expectations, especially in the camping portion. I knew the hotels would be great, but the camping and food was incredible, top notch, gourmet on the trail.
— Karen O., Kailua Kona, HI
I have been on a lot of individually organized adventure trips (river trips, back-country ski trips). This was my first experience with a professionally organized trip. It was superb.
— Janeese J., Portland, OR
I am not a camper but I was very pleasantly surprised by how clean and easy the camping aspect of this trip was. Our trip leader and the porters and kitchen staff were very focused on cleanliness and client service. The food was terrific and the campsites greatly exceeded my expectations.
— Missy W., Chagrin Falls, OH
This was the proverbial ‘trip of a lifetime,’ and I credit a good portion of that to the knowledge, preparation, attentiveness and hard work of everyone involved, from our first contact with your office to all the cooks, porters, and guides that made it such a wonderful experience.
— Tom H., Indianapolis, IN
Amazing views and wonderfully organized trip. Our guide was an incredibly knowledgeable and attentive host!
— Julie M., Milton, MA
The trek was strenuous, but wonderful. Everyone connected with WT were consummate professionals, cordial, caring and knowledgeable. Well done all, well done!
— Bill S., Boiling Springs, PA
An outstanding adventure! Well thought out, well orchestrated, a perfect balance of learning, exposure to local culture, and physical activity!
— Jody K., Milwaukee, WI
What more can I say? The food in our camps was outstanding. I still can taste the trout we had for one of the dinners.
— Paul L., Milwaukee, WI
I was extremely glad we had chosen this particular itinerary—more days on the trail and fewer miles per day. The point was to experience the Inca Trail—not race from point A to point B.
— Pat L., Ottsville, PA
This was the best trip I have ever been on and a dream come true. It was strenuous and difficult but we had a truly spiritual experience, learned a great deal about an amazing civilization, and got to know Peru today. An amazing adventure, a great challenge, and a brilliant outcome when we got to the Sun Gate.
— Joan G., Portola Valley, CA
Best hotels, best campsites (two were private), best food, best itineraries, best leadership. I admit that I have become spoiled by the WT standards.
— Clark L., Durango, CO
I loved this trip. The fact that we were away from the crowds, camped the first and second night at locations far away from others, and even the fourth night, despite passing by a few groups, we had the best view above them. It is evident there has been a lot of effort in the details to make this unique and unlike the other Inca Trail treks offered by other companies.
— Valerie G., Atlanta, GA
The trip was outstanding. I loved how it was put together and thought out. I especially appreciated how our time on the Trail was ‘timed’ so that we did not have to be surrounded by other hikers.
— Jonathan F., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Inca Trail the Wilderness way was an amazing experience we will never forget. The views from the hikes and the campsites, especially the last one, were amazing and possibly even more spectacular than that of Macchu Picchu, if that is even possible. The food on the trek was outstanding and we all wondered at how such delicious and fancy meals could be made on the trail. It was easy to forget we were supposed to be camping! And of course, the company, from our tour guide, Miguel, to our fellow travelers, was wonderful as well.
— Sharon C., Ellicott City, MD
This was the most amazing and perfectly organized trip I have ever been on. I know no other company could ever deliver an experience like we had.
— Sally N., Park City, UT
So glad we did a 5-day itinerary—nice to avoid the 'crowds.' WT really has this trip figured out!
— Sue F., Minneapolis, MN
A truly wonderful, memorable, and unique experience. Miguel and his team handled all sorts of special requests without a hiccup. It could not have been better!
— Kate S., San Francisco, CA
This was the best vacation my husband and I ever took together. The pace was just right, and the organization was wonderful. I felt lucky to learn so much!
— Janice C., Sao Paulo, Brazil
We have climbed Kilimanjaro, trekked in the Himalayas, Uganda, and the Tour du Mont Blanc, but nothing competes with the historical beauty of this trek. 5 stars is an understatement!
— Robert K., Mc Lean, VA
Above all expectations!
— Leatrice F., West Stockbridge, MA
Exceeded our expectations. Unique, well thought out itinerary and camping locations. I am convinced this is the very best tour incorporating the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
— Michael S., Aptos, CA
Our trip was amazing! We loved it—the guides, the itinerary, the sights, and even the food (unexpectedly good!). We have recommended the trip to everyone who has asked about it.
— Karin R., Hinsdale, IL
Hotels were amazing, outfitters were excellent, food was beyond belief.
— Karen B., Santa Cruz, CA
It was one of our best adventure holidays yet, from our fabulous guide, the 5-star hotels, the camping sites, and food on the trail...everything was perfect and well thought out! Also, the hiking on the Inca Trail and being in Machu Picchu were an incredible highlight for both my husband and I. What a way to celebrate a 50th birthday!
— Pascale M., Newmarket, Ontario
This was a trip of a lifetime for my husband and me. We were celebrating our 10th anniversary and wanted something special and memorable. This trip surpassed all our dreams. We have both traveled for much of our lives, but never experienced something like this. It was amazing to truly be off the grid, in the middle of nowhere—and in the middle of tremendous beauty. Everything was superb—the guides, the camping sites, the organization, the porters, the FOOD (better than any restaurant)! Thank you.
— Margot M., Miami Beach, FL
WOW! The trip of a lifetime. It was so well planned, and WT thought of every little detail to make it a memorable and stress free trip.
— Christina Q., Red Lodge, MT
This trip is perfection. Every detail is thought out and executed completely. Each day was a little more than expected and always fantastic.
— Anne V., Amherst, MA
A great experience from start to finish!
— Madge T., Orlando, FL
This was an exceptionally well coordinated trip. Great locations, great support crew, excellent trip leaders.
— Bob M., Johnston, IA
The trip was well-executed, and did not disappoint in any respect. The Monasterio is heaven on earth!
— Stephen H., Denver, CO
We were so lucky to have Peter as our guide. He was so knowledgeable and had great stories to share along the way. I really enjoyed our visit with the Shaman before the trip. It was interesting to get the glimpse of that piece of the culture as well as the GREAT weather he brought us the whole trip.
— Carolyn M., Golden Valley, MN
I don't know how our Trip Leader did it, but while we were hiking the Inca Trail, he somehow timed everything so that it seemed we were the only ones there! He avoided all the crowds, making the trip all the more amazing.
— Kim M., Phoenix, AZ
A five-star hiking trip. I will likely never experience the outdoors in such a plush respect ever again.
— Brent F., Athens, GA
We would highly recommend this trip. It’s a special treat to stay at that last campsite—we felt like we were on top of the world. And staying at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge at Machu Picchu is a must!
— Jill M., San Francisco, CA
Probably the most thrilling trip I have ever taken! A peak experience in my life!
— Peter H., New York, NY
What a fantastic trip! I can’t wait to do another WT adventure!
— Anne B., Brigham City, UT
Staying at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge was fantastic—a highlight of the trip.
— Patricia A., Vancouver, BC
Kudos to everyone at Wilderness Travel! Thank you for planning such a wonderful vacation for us! We can’t wait to start dreaming about our next WT adventure!
— Mary F. and Andrew R., Tualitin, OR
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see the Inca Trail the way it should be seen!
— Mary H., Golf, IL
Thank you for making an unforgettable, unbelievable, wonderful trip. Your organization is outstanding.
— Gerald B., Fayetteville, NY
The Inca Trail was better than I could have imagined. The trip was organized flawlessly and was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My first big trek and I loved every minute of it.
— Brynna P., Washington, DC
‘Perfect’ is the only way to describe my experience with your company. Our Trip Leader was a real gem, and the hotels, porters, tents, food—wow! Thanks for a great trip.
— Byron D., Mission Viejo, CA
An amazing, never-to-be-forgotten trip. The almost-full moon over our high elevation campsites, with the snow-capped Andes spread out around us, was unbelievably magical. The whole trip was well planned, well paced, and well executed.
— Sue C., Healdsburg, CA
It was an outstanding trip! I am sold on Wilderness Travel. I am very hard pressed to think of ways to improve it.
— Mark A., Novato, CA
WT certainly set the bar high. It was the trip of a lifetime!
— Suzanne J., Cheyenne, WY