Trekking the Cordillera Huayhuash

A Truly Spectacular Alpine Circuit in the Andes

Client Comments

I am so glad I took this trip. It was challenging, it was beautiful, it was wild—what could be better! Please continue to offer these types of treks that go beyond ‘glamping’ and offer a true wilderness experience!
— Lisa P., Falls Church, VA
Can't say enough about this trip. It was wonderful and challenging.
— Kris H., Eagle River, AK
A spectacular and fun trip!
— Trish K., Berkeley, CA
This is the best trip I have done so far. I really loved the scenery, the rigors of the hikes, and the peace of being away from crowds.
— Maeve O., Walnut Creek, CA
Well thought out and well executed. Keep it up!
— Don J., Montara, CA
I would expect nothing less than excellent from WT, and I was not disappointed.
— Bill F., Sherwood, AZ

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