Hiker's Journey to Machu Picchu

Spectacular Hikes and Lodges

Client Comments

This trip exceeded our expectations. Learning about the history, architecture, and culture of the area was the highlight of the trip!
— Claudia F., Webster, NY
The trip was fascinating! Something new and interesting every day. We enjoyed the active aspect of the trip as well.
— Karen J., Reno, NV
The lunches provided under the tents were beyond expectations. We had a wide selection of native meals, including appetizers, a very balanced healthy selection of main dishes, fruits of many variety and sweet snacks. We were always looking forward to these meals, and their providers. Our drivers were experienced with the various road conditions and managed all difficulties with no problem.
— Erika K., Ann Arbor, MI
We enjoyed this trip (our sixth with Wilderness Travel). The combination of hiking, culture, and history was very good; the coordination of when we arrived and departed from our sites to avoid most tourists was helpful.
— Christopher M., Boulder, CO
Really, really enjoyed the trip. We felt well taken care of every step of the way.
— Pat O., Buford, GA
This was an amazing trip. The itinerary, food, accommodations—everything was unbelievable!
— Rachel R., Los Angeles, CA
This trip left me in awe and ready to travel with Wilderness again! Everything from the people, to the food, to the hotels, to the hiking and exploring itself was just amazing!
— Alexander B., St Simons Island, GA
This was hands down the very best travel experience we have ever had, and we have been to all seven continents.
— Jana G., Los Angeles, CA
The trip was magical and met or exceeded every expectation that we had as experienced travelers. It was one of those experiences that leave you incapable of selecting the best day or best experience. Every day was unique and full of wonder and amazement.
— Steve A., Pleasanton, CA
The combination of activities, tour guide, hotels, the connection to the community, and inside look at the culture was all fantastic. I will definitely be traveling with Wilderness Travel again.
— Maura C., Charlestown, MA
A perfect combination of education, history, hiking, and Peruvian culture. Each day brought a new adventure.
— Sheryl P., East Meadow, NY
We are enriched and thrilled with our experience and look forward to our next adventure with you. It was a perfect trip that far exceeded our vision of what might be.
— Barbara C., Tempe, AZ
This trip wildly exceeded our expectations. The itinerary was superb, the pace comfortable, the food excellent (and again exceeded expectations), the staffing was wonderful and very attentive, the hotels were gracious and first class, and the amenities superb.
— Menzi B., Madison, WI
This was a fabulous trip. I loved every minute of it.
— Nancy L., Los Gatos, CA
Wilderness Travel provides a learning and adventure experience free of any pretentious attitudes. It is a very relaxing way to travel—every detail is done ahead for you.
— Ty B., Dallas, TX
An amazing trip with memories I will treasure forever.
— Katy C., Monterey, CA
Truly an amazing experience. Wilderness Travel made the trip so easy and enjoyable. Everyone took such great care of us.
— Gary R., Monterey, CA
The whole trip went like clockwork, we were well taken care of, and it could not have been a better trip for us. We enjoyed every minute of it!
— Lindsey L., Boise, ID
I loved this trip and would like to do it again!
— Karen J., Madison, WI
This trip met all my expectations and was one of the best trips I have ever been on.
— Helen G., Eugene, OR
It was more than I expected. I cannot wait to plan my next adventure with WT!
— Ghislaine I., New York, NY
A beautiful trip, with great leaders, an excellent group of participants, good interaction with locals, wonderful food, and incredible sites and history.
— Janet S., Greenwich, CT
We really enjoyed our vacation and being able to relax in the hands of professionals. We learned a great deal, made new friends, and saw parts of Peru away from the crowds. The hikes were terrific, the scenery amazing. It was more wonderful than we expected.
— Marcia A., Del Mar, CA
This was an amazing trip. I have traveled a lot and taken several group tours but this was absolutely the best—very well planned and very well executed. I loved the hikes and thought the visits to numerous Incan sites before we hit Machu Picchu were so important to having a context. It was also great that we were not surrounded by other tourists on our hikes.
— Vicki V., Baltimore, MD
We really enjoyed this trip. Awesome itinerary, awesome leaders, great group of people, and a nice mix of culture, hiking, and food!
— Kathy P., Atlanta, GA
Every last detail was thought of and executed flawlessly.
— Anthony G., St Louis, MO
The trip of a Lifetime! Enjoyed every minute!
— Christine W., Encino, CA
Outstanding experience. We were hoping for a trip of a lifetime and we certainly got it.
— Cathy S., Charlotte, NC
This was one of the best of the 10 trips we've taken with WT.
— Howard M., La Jolla, CA
Our first adventure with Wilderness Travel was first class! Walking through the countryside and past Inca ruins and enjoying the Peruvian food and culture and camaraderie of the group made this trip a lot of fun.
— Pat B., Delta, BC
This was a magical trip!
— John S., New York, NY
Wilderness Travel made our first trip to Peru and South America an awesome experience!
— Peggy O., Albuquerque, NM
One of the best trips ever!
— Elizabeth L., Eden Prairie, MN
We had a wonderful trip full of unexpected side trips and visits with local artisans, shepherds, people from many walks of life.
— Jane E., Laguna Niguel, CA
As perfect as any WT trip I’ve taken, the full package of cultural learning, great hikes, great leaders, great hotels, and great meals. I’m a fan!
— Elizabeth S., Boston, MA
We loved the fact that we didn’t have to camp but we could still go hiking.
— Sue G., San Diego, CA
A very well thought out and executed trip.
— Susan G., Pittsburgh, PA
Good balance of hiking, cultural, town, and wilderness. Day 5 was worth the entire trip price!
— Cathleen C., New York, NY
Every trip we have taken with WT has been outstanding. Once again our every need was taken care of. The food was 5-star and we especially liked the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge.
— Fred and Anita G., Costa Mesa, CA
A wonderful, well-rounded experience of the people and places of the Cusco-Machu Picchu area.
— Jocelyn W., Gainesville, FL
Trip of a lifetime! We can’t wait for the next one.
— William J., Washington, DC