Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking

Experience a Remote Pacific Paradise

What Makes WT’s Palau Special?

Exclusive Camping Experience – Our private beach camps move with us from island to island, getting us away from the resort crowds! They are complete with walk-in tents, bathroom facilities, and an alfresco dining area.

Itinerary Design – With over 20 years experience in Palau, we have perfected every aspect of our itinerary—planning around the moon and tide cycles so we visit each location at the ideal time.

Expert Trip Leaders – Our Trip Leaders grew up in Palau and are true experts in these wondrous islands.

Limited to 9 Travelers – With an intimate group size your Trip Leaders and support boat are always nearby, giving you a chance to ask questions and snorkel at your own pace. The experience will be personalized to you!


Enter an aquamarine world of old-growth coral gardens, saltwater waterfalls, and outer-reef “drop-offs” teeming with brilliant tropical fish. Snorkel over the wreck of a Zero fighter plane from World War II, paddle across the cream-colored waters of the Milky Way Lagoon, kayak beneath mangrove canopies draped with hanging orchids, and learn about Palau’s rich culture. On this unique WT adventure, our Trip Leaders are natural teachers and Palau’s phenomenally scenic Rock Islands provide a stunning backdrop. Our deluxe private beach camps offer special access to this natural history paradise, along with barbecues and crimson sunsets.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-4
Koror / Babeldaob Island / Rock Islands / Nikko Bay / Risong Bay

On volcanic Babeldaob Island, we hike to a magnificent waterfall and learn about ancient Palauan culture as we visit a traditional men’s meeting house. Heading to the celebrated Rock Islands, with their extraordinary marine lakes, we explore Nikko Bay, paddling over ancient coral forests. Risong Bay is filled with isolated turquoise bays, and we’ll snorkel in the Blue Devil Gardens, where schools of blue devil damselfish shimmer between the corals.

Palau Carolines Resort
Koror, Palau
Days 1 to 2 (2 nights), Day 9 (1 night)
Palau Camps
The Rock Islands, Palau
Days 3 to 8 (6 nights)
Days 5-6
Einstein’s Garden / Long Lake

Snorkeling over a World War II Zero fighter airplane in shallow waters is a thrill, and we’ll explore multicolored Einstein’s Garden (named for its proliferation of giant lobophyllia brain corals). Kayaking through mangroves brings us into mile-long Long Lake, a nursery for baby eagle rays and turtles.

Palau Camps
The Rock Islands, Palau
Days 3 to 8 (6 nights)
Days 7-10
Jellyfish Lake / Big Drop-Off / Peleliu

Millions of stingless jellyfish await us at Jellyfish Lake—and snorkeling among them is surreal. At the Big Drop-Off (Palau’s legendary Ngemelis Wall), we find a kaleidoscopic world of tube sponges, Moorish idols, pyramid butterflyfish, sergeant majors, and yellowtail fusiliers. After visiting World War II battle sites on Peleliu, return to Koror and depart on Day 10, or extend to search for Palau’s “Big Five” marine species.

Palau Camps
The Rock Islands, Palau
Days 3 to 8 (6 nights)
Palau Carolines Resort
Koror, Palau
Day 9 (1 night)



Snorkel, kayak, hike, and boat in the Rock Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of spectacular limestone islands and healthy coral reefs
Experience Palau’s marine biodiversity, with hundreds of coral species and 1,500 species of reef fish
Learn about traditional Micronesian culture, swim with stingless jellyfish, explore Peleliu Island and its World War II relics
Meet the islanders of Palau in their homes and bais (village meeting houses)


Length: 10 days
Cost From: $6495  
Arrive: Koror, Palau
Depart: Koror, Palau
Lodging: 3 nights beach resorts, 6 nights full-service camping (full-sized walk-in tents)
Meals: All meals included except 1 dinner as indicated in the Detailed Itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Snorkeling, Wildlife and Natural History, Sea Kayaking
Trip Level:

Snorkeling, easy to moderate sea kayaking (3-5 hours a day), easy hikes, exploration by boat

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Discover a Pacific Wonderland

Snorkel and sea kayak in the pristine coral reefs and blue lagoons in Palau’s phenomenal Rock Islands, with a private guide and lodging in charming island-style resorts.

10 days from: $5895
Trip Level:
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